Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Are our club already on the case?

After recent articles about lack of atmosphere, the feelings were that our songs were past their sell by date.

A lot of people thought blue moon in particular had run it's course. I personally think that if you take blue moon away we lose a huge part of our identity, however a new variation of blue moon may be a good compromise.

It seems that the club are already identifying the fact that as a club we need our identity rejuvenated, tonight before the Villa game a new version of blue moon by Mancunian band the Doves will be played.

Hopefully the club have other projects in mind that will improve City fans match day experience.


  1. Hi CITY fans everywhere.
    The best thing CITY could do to help the noise levels at CITY is to re-introduce standing terraces behind both goals for home fans.
    The FA & government have outlawed these BUT many continental sides still have terraces & look at the racket they generate.
    On another matter ...

    Does any one know who the FA panel consist of & WHICH TEAMS DO THEY FOLLOW ?

    The reason I want to know is the harsh treatment of our little SWP & how Ronaldo & that Chelsea player got away with much worse
    Rob Fielding

  2. Standing will never happen again in the Premiership so just get over it. The way to improve the atmosphere is to play more 3 o'clock saturday kick off's and win some games.

  3. Well Rob, standing areas would probably generate more noise, but I can't see that happening any time soon because of safety reasons. As for the teams they support I don't know, I don't think it would matter the top 4 sides will always get treated differently no matter what.

    The anonymous poster,this attitude of getting the team to get the crowd going was pointed out the other day, we should get the team going!.

  4. the pre kick-off experience is too corporate. the best thing the club could do is switch off the music 5 mins before kick off and let the crowd take over. presently, we have the same music week in, week out, right up until kick off. think back to the last maine rd derby when the pa system wasn't working. brilliant noise and singing.