Friday, 13 March 2009

Is it destiny for City to win the Uefa Cup?

With City going so well in the Uefa Cup this year, is it to much to think that our name might already be etched onto the Uefa Cup Trophy.

We have performed really well this year in the Uefa Cup and after another victory last night I am thinking maybe it is our time. We have so far played 13 games in our quest for European glory 9 of which we have won, it makes good reading.

On top of our good form in Europe this year there is another reason behind my thinking that our name might already be on the Cup. Now what I am going to say next a lot of people will just write it off as silly superstition, but here goes...

Back in 1968 a bit before my time, Malcolm Allison declared “We’ll terrify the cowards of Europe”, after City won the League title. Unfortunately City were knocked out of the European Cup - now known as the Champions League - in the first round by the then unknown Fenerbahçe S.K..

So what has this got to do with it being our fate to win the Uefa Cup, well this seasons Uefa Cup final is being played at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium or for those who don't know the home of Fenerbahçe S.K..

This got me thinking, maybe we are destined to win a European Trophy on the ground of the team that ruined our chances of glory all those years ago, you hear these kind of story's all the time. Mix that with our good form in this competition and maybe just maybe we are destined to win it.


  1. Desperately tenuous link....

    But I'll take it.

  2. even more tenuous than tenuous! How about because it is the last ever EUFA Cup and it will be City's first trophy in over 30 years?!! Or maybe as the only English team left in the Cup, we are duty bound to win it?

    Whatever the reason we'll be happy to see Dunny lift that trophy in Istanbul. CTID

  3. God moves in mysterious way's, something 0-2 down with 120 seconds on the clock changed in our favour at the play off final with Gillingham.
    Blackburn away, a match if we had been 0-3 down at half time would have been leniant on the Royle promotion march, we won.
    We are now the richest club in the entire universe, predict that two years ago !
    The cosmic karma is shining on us, to my student son it's no way but I'm calculating an away trip to Constantinople , 4 day's by mini bus each way, but what a trip !