Monday, 2 March 2009

Lets bring back the atmosphere!!!

I was so happy with the positive reaction to my previous article about the atmosphere, I had to follow it up.

From the comments that were left after the previous article it is obvious there is a lot of frustrated City fans, to get rid of our frustration things have to change at Eastlands.

Jim made a very good point when he said ''the City home fans do not stimulate the team, they wait for the team to stimulate them''. This statement is true of the City crowd, but even when we have been stimulated by the team in recent times the crowd haven't really responded.

Jon boy thinks some new songs will breath new life into the City faithful, '' I agree we need an anthem, with a few more words than blue moon. lets sort it out at villa.''

So there is many different views but they all come back to the same thing and that is wanting to improve the atmosphere at Eastlands. So moving on from reasons why the atmosphere is bad, lets find some solutions that will make it good again.

As fans that do want a better atmosphere we have to be the catalyst behind any changes, so if anyone has any suggestions like a new song they have thought of, or as Jim suggested ''having samba percussion outside the stadium'' lets hear them.

Basically give me some input and I will run with it. If you guys suggest a good song that others like, I will publish it so other people see it. JJ has a good idea but says... ''but this had to be agreed with the club itself.'', I have no problem with contacting our club with any positive ideas that people agree on, to get some feedback off them.

Right so we need some good new songs or ideas for match day. I noticed a couple of you weren't happy with the Robinho song, I found a song on YouTube with a few positive comments about it, so I thought I would try and get the ball rolling.


  1. From JJ. Just to reiterate what I said earlier and to make the crowd get more involved. The announcer at the city game, when reading out the team would have to say - for instance

    "Number 2 MICAH"

    and the crowd would shout "RICHARDS!"

    For our Brazilian friends:

    Announcer - "Number 10 ROB"
    Crowd "INHO!"

    Announcer - "Number 11 EL"
    Crowd "LANO"

    For SWP, the announcer would say "SEAN WRIGHT" and the crowd just "PHILIPS!" etc etc.

    I believe this would get everyone involved, make the crowd buzz a little and all the players would hear their names shouted by 40000 people. The same would happen when a goalscorer was announced as well.

  2. What about (to the tune of 'I fought the law and the law won' by 'The Clash'):

    I fought De Jong and De Jong won, I fought De Jong and De Jong won!

  3. Or (to the tune of 'jolly good company' - the second world war song):

    Here we are again, happy as can be.............
    all good pals and Vincent Kompany!

  4. What about Abba's Money Money Money?

    Money, money, money
    Must be funny
    In the rich mans world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich mans world
    All the things I could do
    If I had a little money
    Its a rich mans world

  5. When shaun wright-phillips does something good the crowd shouts shauny-wright wright wright. Well for Zabaleta the crowd should zaba dabba dooooo!

  6. I agree with Tom. We just need to start supporting the players and maybe they will respond. God knows they need to at the moment as we are still not out of trouble!

    Also with jonboy from early this morning who suggested moving the away fans. Think it would be better if they were "caged" at the end of the east stand and let the city fans have all the south stand.

  7. I personally think it is impressive when the crowd finishes off the players name on the annoucement before the game and after goals. Best idea up to now, nice one JJ, can anyone rival it?

    I also agree the away fans should not be where they are, it is a prime position within the stadium.