Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Will letting Jo go be worth it?

When I found out Everton were interested in Jo I thought this was a really good opportunity for him to go and learn about the Premier League, which can only benefit City.

But the more I have been thinking about it since the deal actually went through I am not happy that we have let him go out on loan.

Firstly at £19 million if he is going to be good enough surely his class will show through at City and he will force his way into our team, and then even if he can't absolutely force his way into the team I think he should have been kept around to have in the squad.

With us being inconsistent in the League and having a European Trophy to go after I just feel the more body's around the squad the better.

1 comment:

  1. fully agree, we not exactly on great form, and our strikers although high in numbers, are low in quality. Jo deserved more than 6 starts, after all we are willign to give hughes time to get it right, but not a young striker in a new top standard league.