Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New kit maker?

There has been talk of City bringing in a new kit maker for months now, even though we signed a 4 year deal with Le Coq Sportif.

I don't understand why we seem to be chasing new kit makers considering we have a deal with Le Coq Sportif, but it looks like we are going to have a new kit maker for next season.

The main name I have heard over the last few months has been Puma, but it looks like a deal with Umbro is the front runner.

Now why Umbro, well Umbro just happens to be a subsidiary of Nike, so I would think that Garry Cook has had something to do with it and maybe the idea is to change to Nike in the future. It will also be very intresting to see how much Umbro are willing to pay us if they are our new kit makers, because Puma were apparently willing to pay a huge amount.

A little fact to go with this, Umbro's first football kit was produced in 1934 and the team it was made for was City, a year in which we won the FA Cup.

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