Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Shaun Wright-Phillips gets charged by FA

Shaun Wright-Phillips has been charged by the FA for kicking out at Rory Delap, the Stoke player purposely kicked SWP after he had already tackled him from behind.

No action was taken by the ref at the time and he claims he did not see it which is strange in its self considering he was looking right at SWP when he kicked out, anyway he has since informed the FA he would have given a red card had he seen it.

After SWP kicked out it was clearly obvious he didn't make much contact and Delap was hurt in no way, you could also see after he kicked out he stopped himself from kicking him properly.

So what do the FA actually take into account when looking at video evidence, I mean surley a natural reaction after someone basically assaults you is to defend yourself and in this case it was in the form of SWP having a little kick out.

Now loads of people will say well you just can not kick out and its a fair point but I just think what SWP did was almost a knee jerk reaction and should not be punished to the extent of a red card maybe it was worthy of a yellow but certainly nothing more.

As for the FA I can not believe they have the cheek to charge SWP after not taking any sort of action against Bosingwa, he just blatantly lifted his boot up and put it in Benayoun's back while he was shielding the ball.

So surely when SWP and City go to plead their case with the FA they will mention the fact Bosingwa was not charged and the FA will almost certainly not press ahead with a ban for SWP will they???

SWP has until 6pm on Thursday to admit or deny the charge, while a Regulatory Commission will hear the case on Friday.


  1. I was turned onto your bog from News of the Blues and while I've really enjoyed my reading I have one harsh criticism.

    white text on a sky blue background, what are you thinking?! I get it City = Sky Blue but my god man the trying to decipher white text against a sky blue background is just going to ruin what's left of my falling eyesight. Please my good man, correct this design flaw now! If my vision gets any worse i'll be eligible to become an EPL referee

  2. LOL I did have this thought when i used the white and did ask peoples opinions and was told its fine but i will look into changing it, thanks for reading and thanks for your input.