Thursday, 28 January 2010

Big game and a big player lost!

I am still gutted, I really thought that maybe it was our year to win a trophy. It wasn't to be and we just have to plod on.

We played quite well last night and I wasn't disappointed with the performance, just the result. I just can't stop thinking about Shay Given's mistake though, he should have come out and claimed the ball when it ran away from Gigg's before Scholes scored, I am not going to hold a grudge against Given or anything but that does stand out as a key moment in the game and it could have been prevented.

We will just have to dust ourselves down and get on with it now, we are progressing and that is there for all to see. Maybe I got drunk on the hope of winning a trophy when really all I want is to see us make steps in that direction and that is what we are doing.

On the back of that game we have seen Robinho leave on loan, he has headed back home to Brazil on a deal lasting until the 4Th of August.

How frustrated am I that Robinho has left? VERY! I am not surprised that he has been allowed to leave because he just has not looked bothered. I am frustrated though because of the talent that he has, this lad could be one of the very best in the World if he wanted but he just refuses to show what he is capable of.

I really hope he comes back and proves a point to everyone although I am not sure if he will or not, he should otherwise he faces the prospect of fading away into oblivion. We shall see what happens with him, maybe we will just have to buy Messi!!!


  1. Thought Given did very well, he approached Giggs and managed to shepherd him away from danger. To commit himself would risk giving away a penalty or the ball getting away and leaving his goal unguarded. We got numbers back, looked to have cleared the danger and it was bad luck the way the ball richocheted out to Scholes.

    Agree on Robbie going. All the ability in the world but nowhere near the right attitude to match it. Even at Madrid he became a sub who came on from the bench regularly. Can't accomodate a player than turns it on in just 1 in every 3 games, not with the squad we now have. How can Mancini rely on him.

  2. When Given came out i was shouting no no no, because it was clear he would be late and give away a penalty as well as receiving a red card. Good decision for me.

    My concern is playing Boyata. I thought he looked nervous in the first leg, and surely Nedum was a better choice to play alongside Kompany.

  3. Given did well in a lot of ways dude, but he still could have done better.

  4. Yeah well Given could have come, I have watched it over and over believe me! and he stopped and went back a little.

    Boyata was great last night mate, justified choice by Mancini for me.

  5. No denying it was a disappointing result, but let's not be saying we aren't going to win a trophy this year. There's the small matter of the FA Cup!

    Arsenal, United, Liverpool and Everton already out, while after what happened last night, I have a feeling Mancini and the players will be even more determined to get to Wembley this season!

  6. Cityboy till I cry28 January 2010 at 22:25

    Given should have got the ball for me....I thought wrightphilips had a terrible game I would have played petrov he has got a better footballing brain wrightphilips just runs at people and not necessarily with the ball half the time... Any way onwards and 3rd place will do me

  7. robinho leaving is very frustrating,
    i think that all of people who have blamed him when we werent playing to well are to blame for his departure.

    Robinhos depature is exactly like adebayor leaving arsenal. the fans blamed an innocent player until it got to a point where he had no option but to leave

  8. Do you change the name of your blog now?