Saturday, 9 January 2010

Adebayor is coming back and so should Toure!!!

Emmanuel Adebayor is returning home from the African Cup of Nations after a terrorist attack on the Togo team bus resulted in people being killed and injured.

This is totally the right decision and I am glad he is coming back, although he is coming back he might not play for a while as there is a fear he may be traumatised.

Although Adebayor will be returning home safe there is still a worry about the other footballers who are still in Angola and in particularly for us Kolo Toure. I think that City should demand that he returns, number one priority of course is his safety but it is also the perfect excuse to get him back so that he can play for us.

I would just like to say on behalf of myself and all my readers that our thoughts are with the families of the people who were killed and injured in the terrorist attack.


  1. odd that there is a slant in this article implying that it's a postive that we get them playing for us earlier than they would have. your caveats dont wash - shame on you. incidentally, adebayor and toure have been awful for the majority of the season by the way - don't get all Lady Diana on us and cannonise them in absentatia.

  2. "Play for us"
    The guy has hidden in a coach under machine gun fire for 30 minutes. Dead and injured around him looking emotionally distraught and disorianted on Sky.
    Dont bank on him turning out in the Sky Blue in the near future.
    Pray for the dead,pray for the living and pray for Adebayour to recover from terrible saveragy he has lived through. Let him return when he is able, remember we are a working class support and the individual in sorrow must be respected

  3. Of course it is positive that they come back playing for us asap. Granted I agree that they have not been playing to the peak of their powers consistently but with our injury crisis at the back Toure would certainly be welcomed back sooner rather than later.

    Even though Adebayor has been awful at times he still pops up with goals and it is better for him to be with us improving.

  4. I have not said Adebayor should be thrusted back into playing!

  5. completely ashamed as a fellow blue that you would try to take advantage of these atrocities for our gain.

    My thoughts are with their families and this is much more important than any football game.

    i hope you correct your stance.

  6. Anonymous,
    You are such a prig--why should there be an apology? We should all make the most of the opportunities that present themselves in life.You are just one these sad individuals who is so politically correct that you feel the need to criticise any comment that differs from your own self righteous clap trap.Go away and stop spoiling this pleasant place to communicate all matters blue.

  7. I have watched and loved this club for over 40 years,my son aged 19 also thought it was a good thing they were returning early till I pointed out how he must feel and the trauma that he has to overcome.
    We are not critical of you only your youth, as older blues we are more aware of the emotional damage and it is our duty to support him as a human being who is hurt and to recover and play only when he is able and not when we want.
    This attitude is what has alays defined our club and fan's,we care about each other for the greater good not short term gain.
    There is more to life than football and we as fans of the greatest club on earth must always realise that.

  8. I think a lot of you have got the wrong end of the stick, I have not said get Adebayor back to play for us or even implied it.

    I totally understand what Adebayor may be going through and my youth is not an issue - ''although he is coming back he might not play for a while as there is a fear he may be traumatised.''

    I am not a news website that has been selfish in the way I have reported, my site is about City and I have wrote about what is in our best interests and that includes getting Adebayor back and looking after him!

    As said by one of my loyal readers who understands what my blog is all about, I fear that some of you may be more interested in looking politically correct.

    Once again I totally understand the trauma that this incident would have caused not just for Ade but all concerned, but the bottom line is my blog is about City and I slipped in a positive that it is better for our club that he is back and that we could possibly get Kolo back!

  9. Hmmmm Politically correct ? Not an old style City fan value and definatly not mine.
    You miss the point I care more about the individual in this case Adeybayour.In such circumstances as this forget the best interests of the club its the best interests of the individual you should put first.
    The early return of Adebayour is tragic and not the probable positive outlined in the article

  10. Gary,

    I get your viewpoint on this from your follow on comments but my initial feeling was that the article didnt come accross as in the best taste.

    An experience like Manu's had will effect the rest of his life and a simple message of thoughts to him and others involved would have done.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and guys please give Gary a break. If you've been reading previously you'll know hes not a sinister guy just one-tracked-mind-blue!


  11. ''one-track-mind-blue!'' <<< Sums me up!!!!

    I stick by what I wrote although maybe it came across wrong to some people.

    Of course I am of the understanding that this will be a hard time, perhaps it was all to obvious to express my feelings on Adebayor's trauma properly but I think I took it as a given that people would realise that obviously I as well as everyone else wants the best for him and all the people involved.

    Also maybe I was being selfish concerning what it means for City but I was thinking more of having a reason to get Kolo back and not expressing what happened to Adebayor as being a good way for him to return.

    As Bluepete said I think City all the time and maybe it over shadowed what had happened although it was not meant to at all!!!

    Thanks for your vote of confidence Bluepete!!!

    Now just to answer this comment ''the probable positive outlined'' well if you read it properly not once did I say Adebayor's return was positive in such a manner you have totally twisted that, when I said ''perfect excuse to get him back'' I was obviously talking about Toure!!!!

    So making me out to look like a bad guy is ridiculous. I think City, I write about City and what is best for them and in this case it was getting Kolo back to play!!! We do have a semi final in the cup to play with a bare bones defence and I am sorry if I put that first in my thought process but I just cannot help it!!!

    Keep reading what I write, you will soon see what my intentions are and they are certainly not to make light of a serious situation.

  12. Gary, you shouldnt be trying so hard to explain yourself anbody with half a brain could see what you ment. People are trying to be stand up fans the kind of idiots who are flooding the terraces talking rubbish dont worry I got what you were getting at.

  13. Gary I know exactly what you meant and don't worry about some of the raving liberals giving you grief on here. All this I just care care about ade rubbish doesn't wash with me, if he was still playing for arsenal that guy wouldnt give a flying flute about him. If he's that concerned about individuals affected by this sort of thing then bugger of over there as this happens a lot of the time, I'm sure his time could better served by stroking victims heads saying " there there" than giving you grief in here.
    Get a life we all know what Gary meant, I'd have kolo back in an instant regardless if he plays on his return or not. Keep up the good work Gary, sometimes I wonder about the people in county.

  14. Gary,
    No problem whatsoever with your post. It's delicate situation that even hardened journos would struggle to write about without igniting negative feedback.
    It's a shocking situation all round and I hope the authorities over there know what they're doing by not cancelling the tournament.
    My heart goes out to the Togo team and all concerned. I just hope and pray those nutters have nothing else planned.
    For those who object to Gary's words: he's a genuine guy who reports on all things City, which I for one really enjoy and appreciate. So cut him some slack please and let's get back to our bantering about our beloved blues.