Saturday, 9 January 2010

Is Vieira a good signing?

Roberto Mancini's first signing has been made, Patrick Vieira was the chosen man but has he still got what it takes?

Mancini has described Vieira as a World class midfielder, there is no doubt that Vieira was once a World class player but if he still has what it takes to compete in the Premier League remains unknown.

Since leaving Arsenal he has had a lot of injury problems that have disrupted his time in Italy badly at times, saying that when he has played I personally have not seen him play a bad game.

I am pleased with the signing of Vieira, he will bring lots of experience and class to the squad and those two things will help all of our squad improve especially the younger lads. The other reason that I am happy we have signed him is just because of who he is, it's great having top class players like Tevez and Robinho at the club but when a Premier League legend like Vieira signs that you have grew up watching it feels very special.

I genuinely believe that we have made a good signing, if it doesn't work out then we haven't committed to him by giving him a huge contract and if it does work out as I think it will, then that will benefit us no end.

What are your feelings on the signing of Vieira?


  1. Let you know in 3 months

  2. Might aswell sign him seeing as though it's for nothing..although I question his desire when he has such a highh wage..also I think Barry and de Jong have been fine in the middle so no need to change that..however he could be good back up as before that we have had to play Zabaleta and Kompany their who are playin out of position; right back and centre back respectfully.
    Soo overall, not a lot to lose when he was once very, very good but we shall see. CTID

  3. Well I don't think Barry has been up to scratch at all this season, he has recovered some form lately but overall he has been disappointing.

    So I would not have a problem with him replacing Barry, to be honest he might play Barry, de Jong and Vieira all together but I guess we will have to wait and see.

  4. We have not had a " Captain " in this club since Dunne for what ever reason was pushed out.
    Viera will inspire either on or off the pitch,it is a shrewd and calculated signing that even Wenger agrees suits both player and club.
    Win the League.... how I wish but may be not this season .The "Blessed Mancini" has promised to rip down that banner at Debt Trafford its now the turn of the fans to turn up the volume.Uncle Alex the Red Faced Clown calls us the noisey neighbours, get louder do not be afraid we are going to trample them underfoot.

  5. He will be good cover, we will rip down the banner at debt trafford and we will get louder and louder as the special one mancini takes us.

  6. Mancini rates him, so that is fine by me. Of course he aint as good as he once was,but class is permanent and this man is all class both on ond off the pitch.

  7. What's all this talk of cover, the player has moved for regular first team football so he says, with a view to getting in the French squad for the world cup. I only hope and pray that it isn't at the expense of our most creative midfielder, Stephen Ireland, who operates best in central midfield. So, if we have two wide midfielders, and two central midfielders..........??????????????