Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Man City 4 - 1 Blackburn Rovers *Video* (Tevez 7', 49', 90', Richards 39', Pedersen 71')

Another win saw us move up to fourth spot in the table, Carlos Tevez was the driving force behind the teams performance last night.

City's and Tevez's first goal was scored off his knee after Benjani turned to drill the ball towards the goal. Our second was scored by Micah Richards, he picked the ball up in his own half and steamed towards the Blackburn box, he then passed to Benjani who hit the post but Micah was there to put the loose ball into the back of the net. Both of Tevez's other two goals we absolute crackers that he curled from outside the box and passed Paul Robinson. Goals and highlights below!!!!

We played well last night and each and every player can say that they played their part, I was very impressed with our whole back four and particularly Zabbo. Zabbo goes about what he does very quietly but oh boy he is effective, he put in a real strong performance last night and didn't put a foot wrong. Garrido was also steady again, he does get wrong side of his attacker at times but I am sure Mancini will soon knock that out of him. Lescott and Toure will have a job getting back into the defence at the moment because they are playing very well as a unit.

In the midfield I was impressed with Barry again, he seems to have put his bad form behind him, de Jong was also excellent again. I was a little disappointed with Bellamy and more than disappointed with Petrov, Bellamy just wasn't himself last night and Petrov may as well have not been playing. Bellamy just had an off night he wasn't bad as such but he wasn't good either, Petrov was a waste of space and did pretty much nothing, why he plays him on the right hand side I will never know because I am not even sure he knows what a right foot is!

And then there was our forwards Tevez was exceptional, think of every possible way of playing a game of football well and add them all together, that was Tevez's performance last night! Benjani wasn't to bad himself, although he drifted in and out at times he was really strong, held the ball up well and ran the line very well.

The players must see themselves that making the top four is in their hands, all we have to do is keep it going and we will have no problem with making the top four and maybe even getting higher than that.

Goals and highlights.


  1. Thanks for posting the highlights - great to see it all again. Shame Robbie's goal didn't stand as I think that is all he needs to boost his confidence enogh to get that scoring touch again.

  2. good writing again gary...wembley here we come!

  3. I realise this is not the article to put this but... adebayor is on sky sports news talking about his aweful experience while at the ACN.

    Whats wrong with that... well hes wearing a bleeding Arsenal shirt!!!!!

    So so not happy at this.


  4. Not right wearing the shirt but I'm not suprised either. Please tell me that you didn't think he actually cares about the club. As per most people all he is bothered about is getting paid well and not who by. The days of local lads making up a large part of the team went years ago. I'm actually pleased he doesn't kiss the city badge when he (used to) scores as that would bd a bltsnt lie!