Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Semi Final postponed!!!

Due to concerns over the safety of the fans, tomorrows Carling Cup tie has been postponed.

This is a real let down, I am sure like me many of you had started to hype yourself up so that you were ready for the game.

The home leg of the fixture has been rearranged for the 19Th of January with the away leg being played on the 27Th of January.


  1. What a complete joke, The safety of the fans one liner is a complete farse.

    The safety of the fans of any club has always been and always will be in the hands of the fans themselves and not the club.

    We have played right into the hands of United allowing Uniteds full first team squad the ability to get back to full fitness giving them advantage.

    We also had our fair share of injuries but should have still played, our pitch is heated so there was no excuses, salt could have been layed so the council and club has no excuse.

    I am very disappointed, extremely.

    If fans did not want to drive then they could have used the train and walked like most of us do.

  2. ^^^

    What on Earth are you talking about?

  3. I personally think this is better for City as we have some key players out. The strongest City side possible is what we need and that has nothing to do with the side that the Rags put out. Also, we could have a couple of signings by then and have more options available. United will be hurting from the Leeds match and it's better that they don't have an immediate opportunity to fix this.

  4. Lets see if it is better for City, when more of our players get injured and United regain full fitness and full confidence.

    Rob, what makes you think there would be a better chance than current?

  5. CityBlue. The problem for the club will not be IN the ground, but in the approaches. If they become frozen and icy, then it will be very dangerous. I witnessed the same in Bristol for an Xmas period derby; the ground was fine, but it was not safe to walk there.

    I think that the reality is that the club had little choice.

  6. Sure I agree Elby, the approach would by slippery, maybe not ideal for the older gen and kids but that would just warrant a safer and earlier journey.

    Im just disappointed as I cannot see us being much stronger than we currently are on the 19th, this was the ideal time imo.

    Only real impact player we have out is Stephen Ireland.

  7. It is really disappointing but if you read the statement the game was postponed after the decision was taken jointly by City, GM Police, The ambulance service, The FA and the rags.

    Also its worth pointing out that City haven't been able to train because of the snow at Carrington so its for the best I guess.

  8. This is good news for city it means adebayor will be back for the second leg as togo are likley to go out in the group stages.

  9. I am split on when it would have been best to play this game.

    I understand Cityblue, to have played the game tomorrow would have its plus points, our good form, their bad form and so on.

    But then I feel that we can get players fit in time for the first leg now and also bring players in.

    Bottom line is when we do play it we have to win, so I guess looking at the big picture the reasons for playing it sooner rather than later or the other way around are irrelevant in many ways.

  10. Agreed Gary, it will be an absolute must win given the postponing, I only agree with the bonus of new player aquirement.

    Lets hope Mancini does bring players in as right now I smell the chance hardly any new players will arrive in January, heres hoping they do.