Sunday, 17 January 2010

Everton 2 - 0 Man City (Pienaar 36', Saha 45'pen)

What a totally rubbish performance, we don't expect to win every game but surely we expect the team to try harder than they did yesterday.

The team decided to return to the form that got Mark Hughes sacked yesterday, we were terrible. The whole team were poor but there were also some particular awful individual performances, Martin Petrov and Robinho being the two that stand out most.

Robinho got most of the flack but Petrov was just as bad as him, non of these players looked as if they had played football before and if either of them ever makes a tackle I will probably suffer from shock for a long time! Robinho ran round yesterday like a headless chicken, maybe it was his way of trying harder but what he was doing was pointless. His confidence is obviously low and he needs to sort that out rapidly or he will find himself getting sold because he is not wanted and not because he thinks he is worth a move to a bigger club.

Petrov is the one who is annoying me the most at the moment, a lot of City fans agree with what he says about deserving to be in the team, I don't I have always seen what Mark Hughes saw in him. He is a liability, he doesn't even do what he is good at anymore and run at people and as for his tackling, I have never seen anyone bottle going in for a tackle as much as he does.

I think the thing that annoys me most about both of these players, is that they are clearly talented players on their day. It is just a shame we are not seeing the best out of them regularly.

Now I have got that out of the way I want to be clear that I am not just blaming these two players, I think we also saw de Jong have a bad game for the first time yesterday and Zabbo wasn't as neat as he usually is. In fact the only player who I thought did OK was Javier Garrido, he was steady and did his job well.

I just hope they got the slap in the face they needed before we play United, I mean lets face it if we approached the semi final in this manner then United would have really battered us. So if I am trying to be positive I would say that the defeat may have been a blessing in disguise that will help us pull our socks up on Tuesday!


  1. Petrov drives me crazy too Gary.

    The guy comes out and starts saying that he didn't get a fair oppurtunity under Hughes etc..

    Why can't players just let their football do the talking

    Hopefully that defeat will be a blessing in disguise and wil highlight the weak area to Mancini that have not been highlighted yet as we have played "lesser teams"

  2. an let's not forget everton played very well.

  3. This has happened at varying points in the season.We get a couple of good results and the players are suddenly popping up everywhere saying we are going to win the league etcetera.Now while i am all for positive thinking i wish the club would tell them to let their talking be done on the field.

    Yesterday also highlighted what a lot of us already know.Some of our players just don't have the stomach for a fight.Everton bossed and bullied us all over the park.Clearly fired up by Moyes, the Lescott transfer and the crowd they put on a great show,Fellaini lierally head and shoulders above everyone.

    This is maybe the first time we have been so comprehensively beaten.When you add to the mix even our normally reliable performers having an off day there was only ever going to be one result.

    With our injuries,we are missing three of our first choice back four don't forget, we have done well to win the last four games,whatever the opposition.An off day was always on the cards and if we are honest most of us thought Everton would be the game.

    The bottom line is although we are better than we were[hardly suprising given the investement]we are far from the finished article and won't be until we can attract better players than we already have.We will also never be the finished article if we keep chopping and changing managers and ideas every couple of years or less.

    As for the guy this website is named after....i would boot him so far away from this club that i never had to see his whining spoilt mardy little face ever again!!

  4. Can't disagree with the all you guys, Fellaini played exceptionally well, in the manner of a player we lack, and have lacked for a couple of years now.
    How often do we win headers in midfield? Almost none, to answer my own question, and he totally bullied every City player he went near.
    I hope Patrick Viera can do the job short term, but long term, Yaya Toure is a candidate for me. Sorry, but Nigel De Jong and Vincent Kompany don't have the tact and guile world class midfielders need, to go with the strength and height particularly needed in the Premiership.
    Dare I say Steven Gerrard would be also fantastic for us, no need to comment on what he can do.
    I thought Mancini made his first tactical mistake bringing on Robinho for Santa Cruz, it should have always been Benjani because of Everton's pressing style of play, but fair play to him for recognising the error and correcting it quickly.
    I've not been happy with Petrov on the right, and probably neither has Petrov been, as all he does is stop, then try to cut infield, whereas a right footer like SWP trys to beat players and go for the byline for a cross. Hate to see managers play players out of position, when theres a perfectly good replacement on the bench.
    Again, full marks for correcting the error, hope he doesn't do it again.
    I think Bobby Manc may be clever enough to learn from this debacle, and we get back to winning ways on Tuesday.

    It's Grim Oop North