Monday, 26 October 2009

Some advice for Robinho

Today we have been able to read another stupid comment by Robinho and it has made me angry.

Robinho has said...........

"I'm very happy about the interest that Barcelona have in me, playing in the Nou Camp it is much easier to be the best player in the world than at City."

"I'm not forcing a hypothetical exit from England and neither do I have problems with my coach.''

Ok so he added the second bit about not trying to force a move but here is my advice to him, keep your mouth shut and concentrate on becoming the best player in the world at the club that has spent so much money on you!

Also, he does know that Messi plays for Barca, right? So good luck in being the best player at Barca well he is there.

We do not need these kind of comments coming out from players at the club, you get Vincent Kompany taking numerous injections just to play one game and then signing a new contract to prove even more how committed he is to us, then Robinho is coming out with things like this, it is not helpful!

Should Robinho go? I don't think so, should he get his head down and stop worrying about Barcelona, definitely!


  1. Not good at all, Gary, and if it continues you may have to re-name your blog m8, maybe "we had Robinho" lol, anyway he needs putting in line, there is no doubting his tallent, but primadonnas are not my idea of true profesionals and our strength is we can certainly do without any one single player, unlike Utited with Rooney, Liverpool with Torres and Chelsea with Drogba?
    Hope Hughes rips him a new one to be honest!
    All the best from Lordeffingham, only seem to be able to post under anonymous.

  2. Agree with you, seems he has too much time on his hands at the moment. If he wants to leave, he should ask for a transfer. This s**t of giving interviews every two weeks and talking up a move to Barce is downright dis-respectful. If is he asked about Barcelona or any other club for that matter from now on his response should be on the lines of 1. concentrating on getting fit, 2. Winning something with City this year. He should dismiss all talk of a move away out of hand not talk it up. If he doesn't feel this way he should come out and say it. As regards being the best player in the world... Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka, Xavi etc etc are all streets ahead of him and regardless of whether he plays for City or Barce thats not going to change. Bottom line....put up or shut up!!

  3. He should be back in Manchester not Brazil .
    Showing and proving to us that he wants to play for us .
    He is the only guy coming out with negative comments .
    If he endeared himself more to us rather than when he is just selected to play he would get a better reception from the Blue masses .
    Lets be honest hes hardly set the world on fire as he

  4. Hiya, Gary.
    Looks like we're all on the same hymn-sheet 'ere, fellas.
    When I heard about this latest outburst of disloyalty I just thought: well, **** off then, Mr Bigshot!
    He's been very hit n miss n, I agree, he's delusional n living in dreamland if he thinks he can be the best player in the world. My lad (he's 8) is harder to push off the ball than this prima-donna. He infuriates me. And this isn't a fickle change of consensous - like the Rags with Tevez - but simply the fact that he's 'dissin' us big time 'ere.
    I'll be glad to see the back of him. And if he does go - or even better, rots in the reserves - then, Gary, you can re-name your site: 'We've Got Tevez!' Much more impactful me thinks!
    Regards to all blue-bloods,

  5. How about changing the name of this thing to "Weirdo Robinho"? The guy also says that he is not rushing his injury as he needs to be in shape for the world-cup and he's not going to bust a gut until then. He's a first-class TWAT and the sooner Hughes puts him in the stands and lets him watch from there for the rest of the season the better...

  6. we knew what we were getting with him, so his comments shouldn't come as a surprise.

    let him sit on our bench for the rest of the season, we don't need the money.

  7. Good point, never mind this season, we don't need the cash keep him in the stands until his contract expires then give whoever signs him on a free a couple of hundred million to compensate for them getting stuck with him, lol, LOADS OF MONEY!

  8. Great blog Gary.
    I have never ever been convinced about Robinho, as much as it was initialy a shrewd purchase as it raised the profile of the club and grabbed the headlines. But we are such a solid outfit now and building for a very successful future. I agree with all other readers when I say I shall be glad for him to go. There is no room for negativity in sport, it's a destructive force.
    Just on the Fulham game, damned frustrating. But, still unbeaten this season(that Owen goal should never have been allowed, but for one of Ferguson's referees!!)
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Robi is an idiot.

    City would do well to sell him at the price they bought him at.