Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What players do we want / need?

The transfer rumours are starting to get going again and it got me thinking about who I would like to see come in and who I think we need to bring in.

We are being linked with various players again and while it is always good to be linked with world class players some of the rumours make you think ''we don't need him'' or ''is he actually good enough'' and so on, so I started to think about who the fans would like to see brought into the club.

The players I would like to sign are, Maicon, Yaya Toure, Van der Vaart and Luis Fabiano.

I would go for Maicon because we are weak at right back, I am a Zabaleta fan but I do not feel Richards is up to it yet and think that we need someone else in to take his place. Toure I would bring in because he is a very good ball playing defensive midfielder, who in all the games I have seen him dominates the midfield area. I would bring Van der Vaart in because I do not feel we have a natural replacement for Ireland, Van der Vaart can create goals, score goals and is also adaptable as he can play down both wings. Finally I would sign Fabiano because he is pure quality, I feel he has every attribute any striker could ask for. He is strong, quick, a creator, a scorer, he can hold the ball up, he is good in the air, he can tackle and defenders can just not cope with him.

I honestly think all of these players would certainly make our squad stronger and help us to reach the next level in our development.

I know I may have been slightly greedy picking four quality players, but you don't buy a ten pence mix if you have twenty pence in your pocket, do you?

Who would you like to see City bring in and why?


  1. I don't think we are going to be able to keep hold of Petrov, so for that reason i would like us to make a move for Ribery. He is a quality enough player to be able to play in more than one position. I would also like to see Yaya Toure due to his pure class - however i would be concerned about how this would impact on Vinnie and Nigel de Jong who i rate both vey highly.

    If we could use Ribery down the right hand side then i don't think we would need another right midfielder - if not then we are desperate for someone to replace SWP when he is having one of his 'bobbly' games.

    I don't want to see another forward in yet - i just don't see the point.

  2. I am personally not a Ribery fan, I think he is very overated and certainly is not worth what we would have to pay, I think Robinho is far better and he cost no where near what Ribery would.

    As for being no point in bringing a striker in, I know what your saying but Fabiano isn't any old striker, for me he is in the top 3/4 strikers in the world. So if you can add quality I say why not.

  3. Yaya Toure - Yes it would be survival of the fitest for De Jong and Kompany but that what its all about now.

    Maicon, Ribery and Fabregas too then I'll be well happy and put the champagne on ice!

  4. Reach the next level in our development? We've not seen what level we are at yet, only 7 games into the new season! FFS...

  5. JJ Says:

    Although we are currently in 4th position and have a game in hand, I am not happy with our displays up to now. The first few games were "easy" ones (ie. not top teams) - we gave Arsenal a thrashing - score wise, but not playing wise; then we were beaten by United. I didn't agree with the way we were beaten, but we certainly did not deserve to win the game - I thought they were much better than us. Why? Well, because they did exactly as Aston Villa did to us - another game that we struggled in apart from for 20 minutes in the 2nd half. They were all over us like flies when we got the ball and as in previous seasons, we are still not able to control and pass the ball around like "the top 4" and other good European teams.
    So - to answer the question - YES! We do need more players. We need players capable of holding the ball and having the ability to pass to each other. Not sure I would include Liverpool, but certainly the other 3 of the "top 4" can hold onto the ball and make the other team run around - we, currently cannot do that and until we do, we will never really compete with the top teams (this is why England will not win the world cup also!)
    I believe we need 3 new defenders to go with Toure.
    We need a ball winning/playin/holding/attacking midfielder like Yaya.
    Assuming Robinho and Petrov do go, we certainly need another attacking left sided player and although I love watching SWP play - when he is on form - we also need a replacement for him.
    Sorry to have gone on so much, but my son and I love City and we want to see them win things - something I did back in the good old days, but something he has not - as yet!
    C'mon City!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anon so you have not seen any developement?, also you could say I am forecasting our future developement.

  7. You are welcome to 'go on' all you like JJ thats what my blog is for!

  8. I would also like to see ribery in city, if Robinho does go, which seems to me 50/50 tbh. I agree with JJ on controlling the ball, which seems to be Citys problem as of yet. The early wins of the season was barely wins, but its always nice to beat blackburn... hehe.

    Would be great to see yaya in a city shirt, no doubt.

    Hope Richards doesnt go, seems to be alot of worthless news about him, wouldnt be surprised if its all lies! He needs some direction though, he should work out with Ireland 24/7.

  9. I say forget buying new players..we should concentrate on building a winning mentality. if city buy new players it may take time to gel these players so we could end up falling down the league a few places with such transition. we should forcefully cement an imposing stature and really scare other teams and make them be afraid of facing city on the pitch...i dont like all this ball passing in defence only to go back to given then blasted up field just to lose it again.. i want to see hunger and fire in their bellies wanting to win games at all cost... forget added time,we should attack for 90 mins as 90 mins is long enough to frighten anyone... with having a good defence we should be mean and agressive to win every game if we go one nil down we should demand to win that game 2-1 or 6-1 and not settle for a draw... in our mindset we need to appear to form a 4-4-5 formation that would be unbeatable ..all in all if we are confident, agressive and have a winning mentality we will win things....

  10. in january we need to sign:
    Van der vaart
    yaya t

    team for second half of season
    maicon toure new cb bridge
    barry yaya
    swp ireland tevez
    santa cruz