Monday, 5 October 2009

Man City fan sites Video!

Right guys here it is, like I said it isn't anything special and probably doesn't look much but it did take me quite a few hours to get it right.

I am happy with it and think it does the job of reaching out to people that may not know about the vast selection of fan sites.

Please feel free to embed it on your own site/blog, the more people who see it the better!

I hope it is OK for you guys.

P.S. I will be doing more videos from now on and will put a list of our blogs on the end of them so people continue to repeatedly see them.

Manchester City F.C. Fan Sites


  1. Great video, great idea. It's up on my site!

  2. Awesome Video Gary.

    Thanks for including Man City Issues

    I look forward to any future videos as I totally agree with you, there are some many City fans that dedicate their time to writing quality stuff.

  3. Cheers, pal. Much appreciated.


  4. Great video Gary. I'll embed the video on Vital Manchester City ASAP.

  5. Gary, if you email me the source file, I can give it a push from our end.

    Chris Nield

  6. Hi Gary - thanks for the shout out!