Monday, 5 October 2009

Aston Villa 1 - 1 Man City (Dunney 15', Bellamy 67') *Video*

Well we surely seen that coming, Richard Dunne scores to stop City from taking all three points. You know every time Dunney went up for a corner when he played for us a big man marked him, so we thought the best thing to do would be to put Barry on him.

Richard Dunne put Villa ahead with a header from a corner, Bellamy made it 1 - 1 with a very well taken goal from inside the box. Goals below!

This was one of those games where it would have been great to watch had I been a neutral, it was a good, well contested game of football.

I do think City could have won this game had we played to a higher level, without being at our worst we were not at our best. We had a lot of the ball but did nothing with it apart from give it away. Credit to Villa though, they stuck a lot of men behind the ball and defended quite well all night.

I have to say I was disappointed with a couple of players tonight, particularly Barry. He let us down tonight he just did not look interested, I don't know if the Villa fans got to him or it just happened to be his off day, what I do know is that he wasn't at his best. I was also yet again not happy with SWP, he worked very hard running wise but didn't do much else.

Dunney was given man of the match at Villa Park tonight but for me there was only one player deserving of that award on the pitch tonight and that was Wayne Bridge. I was not a big fan of Bridge when we signed him, but he is getting better with every game and for me was by far the best player on the pitch tonight, every aspect of his job was carried out superbly.

All in all a draw at Villa Park is a decent result and we move up to fourth and that is with a game in hand over a lot of teams.

Time to get back on the training pitch and work out these kinks in time to win the next game.



  1. Agreed. Villa worked their b****x off all night and didn't give us any time on the ball. They are probably the strongest outside of the top 4 + us, so to go there, not play at our best, a point is good. Barry not at his best but still decent performance. Not convinced by us at the back. And finally someone agrees with me on bridge. Everyone I sit near moans about him. This year he looks super fit, has found an extra yard of pace and is equally strong going forward and defending. Always comfortable dribbling if the pass isn;t on straight away.

  2. Good game tonight from a villa fan, it will be interesting to see how the season pans out. Think both teams were not on top form, we definitely were not playing to our potential - Young was poor as was Carew. but good to see our defence limit your mass of firepower to very few real efforts on goal. Here's to an exciting season for both teams (maybe we could both gatecrash the top 4 at the expense of the gooners and the scousers!!)

  3. Villa fan - That would be awesome!

    I watched Dunney's every move as I'm still gutted he's missing out on all the fun that lies ahead when he's been a top pro' for us.
    Sod's law that he scored and hats off to him for not celebrating. He didn't make a single mistake and was my Man of the Match, too.

    Barry was bound to be distracted and will be glad he's got this game out of the way.

    And, yes, Bridge was our best player which was a relief as he had a 'mare in the derby, but all the defence did. Zab was steadier than Richards has been so we looked stronger there, especially against Young.

    Bellamy ran his socks off yet again and if he carries on like this could be our player of the year. SWP needs a break to re-focus (like Richards) and Petrov should be back in with Bellamy switching to the right where his crosses would be better.

    Ireland offered us penetration when he came on, but Cruz looked a bit rusty. He'll come good though. Considering this team has just been built, we're really in with a big shout this season. Well done to Hughes.