Monday, 5 October 2009

Adebayor song with video!

I have recently been contacted by somebody really passionate about trying to breathe some life back into our terraces, he has sent me a few different ideas that seem like they could take off, he has actually put the words to an Adebayor video/tune for us and I think most of you will like it as I do.

Thanks to Lordeffingham for making this video and making me aware of it.


  1. I prefer,

    Oh Adebayor,
    Oh adebayoooooooor
    He stamped on your rapist
    Then slid to the floor!

  2. Rapist?! Give City fans a bad name singing stuff like that.

  3. Heard a good Carlos Tevez Song:

    "They could't afford the signing fee Tevez Tevez-so now he's signed for Man City Tevez Tevez-We're sorry about the nasty words,we're sure you've sh**ged a thousand girls-Carlos Tevez fitter than Cheryl Cole"

    To the tune of when Johnny comes marching Home

  4. i like that chant, i'm not too bothered about'being given a bad name', i think that diving, swearing tosser deserves everything he gets and come on, its not like we are throwing chairs lol

  5. if i ever see van persie i would glass the tw@ that tackles worse every time i see it! what a prick!