Sunday, 25 October 2009

Man City 2 - 2 Fulham ( Lescott 53', Petrov 60', Duff 62', Dempsey 68') *Video*

Well to say I am disappointed would be a major understatement, I am angry and disgusted with our performance. We failed to take advantage of other teams results once again.

Lescott put us ahead when he poked the ball in the net from right on the goal line, Petrov made it two nil with a good strike after making room for a shot. Fulham pulled one back through Damien Duff, the Irish winger scoring from just inside the box. A free header from a free kick for Clint Dempsey meant that Fulham had drawn level. Goals below!

Right let me get this out of the way, what I say about City is not reflection on Fulham. We helped Fulham to be able to play a bit more freely because we were awful, apart from that Fulham deserved their point and played very well.

We were disgraceful today for most of the game, we had a good spell in the first half and that was about it. We have to many people in our team who are not pulling their weight, I can only pick out Bridge, De Jong and Tevez from our whole team today and say yeah he played well. Adebayor has returned from his ban a different player and is totally useless, Petrov scored today but yet again was rubbish apart from that, Barry was not himself at all and should have been replaced and the list goes on, it needs sorting out and fast or our season will come and go.

Actually to be honest Hughes has to take a lot of the blame for our performances at the moment, he finally got the guts to drop SWP, but then did nothing else. We are totally tactically naive, we have no shape, no work ethic and we don't really have a plan A at times let alone a plan B. Our midfield might as well not be on the pitch, it gets totally bypassed 90% of the time, the ball goes from defence to the forwards and then back which in turns puts pressure on our very average defence.

I was talking to people who I go to the match with and I said are we expecting to much from them, they quickly pointed out we are only expecting what we should be capable of after spending all that money. We are not expecting to win the league or expecting them to batter the Chelsea's and Man United's of the league, we expect without being disrespectful to beat Fulham at home.

I am quite fed up at the moment, I feel down when ever we lose but to lay down for teams and lose is much more hurtful. We need to get it right and hopefully we will, if not then I have no doubt that our owners backing of Hughes will disappear.


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