Thursday, 22 October 2009

Robinho leaving? No chance!!!!

Mark Hughes has told Oliver Holt that Robinho will not be leaving City in January.

Oliver Holt asked Hughes ''So he wouldn't be sold in the January transfer window'' to which our manager replied ''No chance''

I for one hope that Hughes will stick by those words, I really do not want to see Robinho leave. We have not seen his best yet and I think it would be a shame for us deserving fans if we were not able to witness Robinho's best years.

I also like the name of my blog!!!!


  1. you could call it 'nao tem Robinho, porra' if he goes, which doesn't feel likely

  2. Let’s get used to it, we are in the big time now and so more snipers’ will have their pens sharpened and aimed our way. In the future there will be the same sort of countless reports about fall outs, discontent and dressing room conflict the full range tabloid propaganda and lies we have all come to know and loathe.

    We won't have to hold our breath for too long before Manu is linked with someone or Tevez is seen at some airport with whomever and no doubt Craig Bellamy will be causing the nearest bunch of asteroids to turn tail and head for plant earth. Such are the tales we are going to have bat away in the future.

    We are now tagged as one of the riches clubs in football and let’s face it we all want to bed down with the top and most successful clubs, so we have to take the slings and arrows fired at us as all the top clubs do.

    It's the price you have to pay for occupying the spotlight of increased interest.

    For me I say long may it shine, I'm not one for courting attention but it can have a positive effect too, so long as you can handle the barbs of cocky negativity that skip along hand in hand with the more modest positives.

    Just like any rising star the bigger it becomes the more some just love to think they are the ones that have the right to keep that star in its place.

    This is the way the football media circus works; they hitch up their caravans to anything that can earn them a living.

    We are the whale so to speak, they are the parasite feeding of our growing reputation. We just have to accept that some of the work of the parasite actually does us some good in a peculiar way.

    Maybe when we accept this, well maybe then we can turn things round and use the parasites dependence on us to our advantage.

  3. I do have to admit, I always secretly wondered what you'd do with this blog if he left ;)

  4. Random I know, but I found a site where you decide who the best City player + XI ever to have played in the Prem. Got me thinking would any of the current players make it in to the all time XI. Its stupidly addictive, at the moment Robinho is nowhere to be seen. Its

  5. LOL Falastur, I will change the name if he goes.