Friday, 8 May 2009

What do we think about the Raul link?

Now I don't normally write about player rumours until there seems to be some truth in them, but Raul is a special player.

One of the leading news sources in Spain Marca, who are said to have close ties with Real Madrid have said that City have made an offer to Raul. It is being said that a £35 million pound deal spread over a four year period is on the table for the 31 year old and it is also being said that Robinho has recommended the signing of Raul to our owner.

Now to answer a question left by one of my readers Peter Gregson, what do I think? Well personally I am a really really big fan of Raul and have been for some time, so to see him in a blue shirt would be amazing. But when I go past the excitement of the possibility of him signing and look at the big picture these figures don't add up, for a start a four year contract for a man who is only 31 and already slowing down is ridiculous and then to pay him £35 million over those four years is just unrealistic.

If we did pay him massive money and give him a long contract everyone would have a field day, it just wouldn't make sense. I also wonder and always have whether Raul could cut it in the Premier League, I think his style of play would suggest not.

All in all I would love to have him at City, just not on the terms that have been reported. I think he would bring that experience we need and could be a good signing for that alone, as well as that even though I don't think he will score goals in the Premier League he just can not be written off in that department, he was after all born to score goals.

So to throw that question back at Peter and the rest of my readers, what do you think?


  1. Absolutely crazy money being touted for him. A great player in his day but I think he is now past it to be honest. 5 million perhaps and a 2 year contract with an option for a third and I'd say go for it, but 35 milion and 4 years is just trash. Which is what I am sure this story is, just rubbish from someone within Real Madrid or the like to try and get silly money for a player not worth that much.

  2. tabloid rubbish per usual

  3. As you say, Raul in his day was brilliant but he's untried in English Football.
    By the time he's become accustommed to the pace and physicality of the premiership it will be time for him to hang up his boots.
    I presume therefore that is is another false rumour

  4. Too slow for the premier league, he'd be another Morientes!

  5. Hehe cmon, do you really think you could buy Raul for a SMALL amount of money. Raul is a bloody legend of football. One of the names that will never be forgotten. He wont leave Madrid for a small amount, cash up HIGH and he might think about it to help the club cash in and reveal hes dream about playing in PL. But for 5 million? Let me laugh :-)

  6. What we need is a future player, someone as DAVID VILLA, Raul is a legend, but 31y and coming down, too slow,VILLA is 27y young blood . 5 years contract and we´ve got the best of him

  7. A complete load of cobblers, as usual!

  8. Would not hack it in the prem great inis day but 31 and silly money, and hope we dont think about getting that diver from chelsea makes me froth just thinking about it

  9. Well diver from Chelsea doesn't really narrow it down lol, but I am guessing you mean Drogba.

    What would the problem with signing a world class striker like Drogba be?

  10. I wasn't saying we would get him for 5 million, but that is the sort of range we should be looking to pay for players of his age etc. Paying crazy money for a player like him, no matter how much of a legend he may be is just stupid. We would be doing well to get 3 seasons out of him, maybe 4. Say we paid 35 million- thats almost 9 million a season just for his transfer fee, let alone his wages if we got 4 years out of him. Just because he is a legend at Real doesnt mean that he has an absolute minimum transfer value of say 20 million or something!

    I'm just trying to be realistic- no club would in their right mind pay more then probably 7 or 8 million for him at the absolute most imo, especially when you consider the high wages he would surely want.

  11. I knew what you meant, I would pay 10 million maximum and that is with a premium of about 3 million because of who he is.

    We can't pay big money for these types of players, Raul six years ago for this kind of dosh is a different story.

    Guys if you would please leave your names on your comments, thanks.

  12. Good Morning all,
    AS per the norn at this stage it is a load of rubbish must have been slow yesterday think we all know by now Raul said he has never wanted to go anywhere and City have been forced again to deny another waste of time report,

    I think we will have to start getting used to this with the season coming to the end there will be a lot more of this going on however i do get excited when we get linked with David Villa I think he's a great player who may suit the style of play we had flash's of this year

    Gary is right on the money with the price he now worth,he would be great for the younger players to feel they are a long side a legend to inspire them on to believe in the Dream that is Manchester City.

  13. Raul and his agent claim it is true that we made an offer.

  14. Did see that in the last hour,
    Or is it just to remind us that Raul is still knocking about maybe for a pundits job or a new ad campaign'
    A lot of agents are using us as City tried to buy my client so they must be hot property raise their profiles a bit ??

    The Club are saying they did'nt
    As you said Raul six years ago yeah no worries but there is a lot more up and coming talent about

  15. Raul doesn't need his profile raising though, I can't see them saying that we wanted him if we didn't Raul doesn't need to do that, does he?

  16. Don't really know Hughes has came out and said

    "That if you track the story it proberly came from Spain and he won't sign second best players or those with injury problems"

    Funny he signed Criag Bellamy then i know, but thats what hughes has said on the matter and how many other agents are at it to raise their clients profiles Raul as you say is a big name
    nobody knows maybe hes looking for a pay increase of Real for the year or 3 he has left and wants clubs to knock on his door as a bargining chip with Madrid

  17. Gary a friend of mine from the U.A.E has told me about a story saying City supposed new kit will have Etihad on them which means Untied he says that is what Etihad translates into,
    He is a supporter of the Manure and I really don't want to believe this but is it true ??

  18. Well I have covered that before today mate here........