Friday, 22 May 2009

Unsurprisingly Thomas Cook are gone!

Today City have confirmed that Thomas Cook will no longer sponsor the club.

Commercial Officer Steve Sayer said.............

“Over the past six seasons Manchester City and Thomas Cook have enjoyed a great partnership during what has been an incredible period for the Club.

"Thomas Cook joined the 'City partners' family as main sponsor in 2003 when the club moved to the City of Manchester Stadium.

"Since then more than 60,000 fans have booked their holiday or travelled with Thomas Cook through the City Travel Club scheme, a real success story for the partnership.

"As our official travel partner, Thomas Cook’s meticulous planning and preparation for our UEFA Cup campaign this season provided a great experience for supporters and players alike.

"The club would like to thank Thomas Cook for their support and look forward to working together in the future.”

Group chief executive of Thomas Cook, Manny Fontenla-Novoa, said............

"We’ve enjoyed a fantastic and long running partnership with Manchester City. In particular we’d like to thank the fans for the support they have shown Thomas Cook and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them and the club on a number of initiatives currently in development.

"In the meantime to show our thanks, we'll continue to let fans receive the discount that they've had from the Thomas Cook Holiday Club."

Thomas Cook have served City well over the years and it is a shame that they will no longer be our sponsor. Thomas Cook have done a lot for City and City fans over the years and the way they will continue to let us get discounted holidays sums up how good they have been for our club.

The new sponsor is yet to be confirmed but it is expected to be Etihad Airways which is an airline based in Abu Dhabi.


  1. Etihad are the national airline of the UAE and a multi-award winning outfit. As a regular traveller between the UK and Abu Dhabi using Etihad I can vouch for the fact they knock spots off the competition. Moving from Thomas Cook to Etihad is like moving from Skoda to Bentley. Just hope we don't ruin it all by sticking their logo on some crap umbro shirt.

  2. Picked a bad example there Skoda win loads of awards lol

    I have never used Etihad but whether their airline is good or not is not relevant, them giving City loads of money and using some of there muscle to help get City on the map is all I care about.

  3. To true nice piece of biz done here yes Etihad are an amazing airline and have lots of money and properly raise our profile a fair bit over seas so happy days let the good times role and shirts g on sale cos they look nice !!

    City 2-0 Bolton hope Boj starts and plays like he can was'nt to happy with the interview during te week about Italy do hope it was to be reassuredof his part at City !!

  4. ETIHAD arabic translation = UNITED
    ermmmmm not sure about that one, imagine the rags will not let us forget it

  5. ETIHAD translated to English means weve got $600 billion. ;-)