Sunday, 31 May 2009

End of season awards! *With Videos*

The season is over and it is now time to reflect on the good points from the season gone by, it is time for the wevegotrobinho awards.

Player of the year/most improved player: Stephen Ireland.
There was nobody in our team who came close to being as good as Stephen Ireland this year, picking him as player of the year/most improved player was easy peasy. He has weighed in with multiple goals and assists this season which have seen him recognised as one of the premier leagues best midfielders. Congratulations Stephen Ireland all that hard work you put in paid off and you have given City fans some wonderful memories this past season, long may it continue.

Young Player of the year: Nedum Onuoha.
At the start of the season I doubt that anybody would have thought Nedum would turn out to be our defensive saviour. I feel if Nedum didn't step in and install his calming influence into our defence, well lets just say our season would have been even worse. I personally see Nedum Onuoha as a future captain of City and potentially England. I hope he continues his progression next season and along with Ireland continues to be a fine representative of our youth system, who needs billionaires to buy superstars?

Best signing of the season: Zabaleta/Robinho.
Now I know what some people will think, I can't have two right? Well I really could not choose one and not the other, in fact there were other players that could be considered hard done by not to get this award. Zabaleta, I chose Zabaleta because to me he is the perfect example of a professional, he has never gave a half hearted performance whilst playing in a City shirt. He is a superb footballer and has shown that by playing in various different positions this season, I think there is much more to come from this player who has turned out to be an absolute bargain. Robinho, when Robinho arrived at City I was in shock for days, he was my favourite player to watch anywhere in the world and then all of a sudden he is in City shirt. I have to say although he had a somewhat inconsistent season I haven't been disappointed with him, he has scored 14 league goals from the wing and also displayed some unbelievable skills and this was only his first season! I am sure we have not yet seen the best of him yet and I think next season we will see more of the magical Robinho's talent.

Best game of the season: Man City 6 - 0 Portsmouth.
It was easy to pick this game because beating another premier league team by six goals is special enough, but on top of that it was the way we beat them. City really turned it on in this game and it was wonderful to watch.
The goals against Portsmouth can be seen from 3:22 onwards in the video.

Goal of the season: Robinho vs Arsenal.
There were other good goals in contention for goal of the season, but ultimately I think Robinho's against Arsenal was the best. This goal has class written all over it, the break away was fabulous and then to top it off our very own superstar Robinho finished it like there was no goalkeeper standing in his way, Pure genius!
Robinho's wonderful goal is from 0:30 onwards in the video.

Best individual performance: Robinho vs Stoke.
There was other good individual performances this season, one that stands out was the way Shaun Wright-Phillips played against Arsenal when we beat them 3 - 0 at home. Also there was obviously a load of Stephen Ireland performances I could have gone with, the reason Robinho gets it is because of his superb hat trick along with the way he played against Stoke, he ripped them apart that day and he earned his hat trick.
Robinho's hat trick can be seen from 1:39 in the video.

Highlight of the season: Signing Robinho.
I don't think anybody can argue with this choice, signing a world class superstar is definitely a huge highlight for City fans. Robinho at times has had an indifferent season for us but I also think people were expecting to much from him at times. I think his goals and assists speak for themselves and when you put his bad performances next to his good ones, overall I think he has been a success. Just to be able to sing his name has been hugely satisfying but then when he treats you to his flicks and tricks there is nobody better to watch. I do feel he can still improve and when he does we will benefit even more.
Robinho's best bits.

Readers of the season: Wevegotrobinho readers.
When I started my blog I was worried about it not being that great, I am just a normal lad who loves City and didn't know if my blog would be worth people reading. I have to say that due to my fabulous readers I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this blog and any nerves I had about how good my blog could be have now gone. My blog is about trying to gather a variation of opinions off all City fans and not just about having my say, I seem to have the best readers around for commenting and having their say on many of the subjects I write about and it makes it really rewarding for me to get that feedback. So once again a huge thank you to my readers, I really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my blog. Bring on next season!!!


  1. Thanks for a great season gary I think you got the awards spot on the goal against the Gooners you can watch again and again I do hope yopu will keep us posted over the summer break with stories and updates that we can discuss
    Thanks Again.

  2. Hard not to agree with these awards some great highlights of a season that was a rollercoaster ride,
    roll on next season fells like cold turkey already

  3. I will certainly continue to do my best to keep you updated over the summer and for the rest of time hopefully!!