Thursday, 28 May 2009

Can Ireland signing a new deal attract players?

Today our player of the year Stephen Ireland has signed a new five year contract, great news!

It is obviously a welcome boost to hear that Ireland has signed a new deal but I am thinking ahead and wondering if Ireland signing can attract new players. He was fabulous this year and now has a reputation of being one of the best midfielders in the league, surely his fellow professionals have took note of his form and will want to play along side such a good player?

Here's what Stephen had to say on signing his new contract...........

"It was something that I've been worrying about for a few months but now it's done I can enjoy the summer.

"I never had any doubts about staying. Regardless, I was going to be here, and hopefully for the remainder of my career. I don't see why not. I really want to become a hero here, to hopefully achieve things.

"I'm settled here - I love the club, I love the fans, and I don't see what's going to make me leave this club.

"These are very exciting times. It's going to be interesting just to see what the line-up will be at the start of next season and how far we can push on. Hopefully we can compete for the title and get back into Europe."

"I've always trusted my ability, but it's only this season I've come out of my shell. I worked hard last summer to try and reach the targets I set myself. I reached some, the others are something to aim at next season.

"But I never take my place for granted. I don't think I ever would, I don't like to take my foot off the gas."

Hughes had this to say about Ireland signing..................

“Stephen’s new contract is great news for everyone concerned. He was outstanding all last season and is now one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. He thoroughly deserves all the praise that has gone his way after the hard work that he undertook last summer, and I know that he is already aiming to do even better for us next season and beyond”.


  1. Attract players ? Sure, mediocre players for a mediocre team, lol

  2. To the anonymous guy with the mediocre comments: "Barcelona 2 Dirty Reds 0"

    What does AIG stand for?

    Try these for size:
    "Aint Iniesta Great"
    "Alex Is Gutted"
    "Anderson Is Garbage"

    take you pick anyway Prawn muncher!


  3. Stevie is in the Kaka mode of showing his love for and loyalty to the club and fans - it is a rare quality these days and one that we should all welcome and appreciate.

    If more players had his attitude to the job, the team and the game in general would be much better for it. Okay, the sums involved are stupidly large (#60k a week and more) but that is the nature of the modern game and if you are lucky enough to get the offer, why not take it? To be fair, quite a few of these mega-rich stars (including SI) do plough some of their money and time back into charity work which wouldn't or couldn't happen otherwise, so there is a silver-lining of sorts to it all.

    Well done "superman" - thoroughly deserved!

  4. It's great that the deal is done and he can get on with it,

    MEDIOCRE!! he's 22 and improving all the time !!

    Great to hear him say he wants to be City for life and become 1 of our greats I think other players will see how good he makes lads around him play and you can trust him with the ball going forward.

    Love the A.I.G one's and prawn muncher Patrick.