Wednesday, 13 May 2009

So many rumours, who would the fans sign?

There are so many rumours and false claims about who City are signing within the press it is starting to become annoying. It got me thinking and I realised that the only people not having a say on who they would like to see play for City is arguably the most important people, us the fans.

We have been linked with every player on the planet most recently we have been linked with Spanish legend Raul, there is a strong belief that Tevez could be on his way to Eastlands and the Ronaldinho link has even resurfaced. A lot of City fans will like the idea of signing these kind of players but who exactly would you like us to sign?

Players I would like to sign are......

In case you don't know who all these guys are..... from left to right. Mario Gómez (striker), Yaya Touré (midfielder), Lorik Cana (midfielder), Luís Fabiano (striker), Taye Taiwo (defender).

The reasons that I have chosen these five players is that firstly they are all extremely good players who I think can take us to the next level and secondly I think that we could pull off the signings of all five players. Granted it would take a little bit of wheeling and dealing to get a couple of these players into the club, overall though I think it would be possible to get all of them.

Feel free to have your opinion on my choices and also please do tell me who you would like to sign.


  1. This Luizao rumours is interesting. He is a big guy. Can anyone tell me how good he is?.

    Oscar Cardozo is also talked about. He fits the bill along with Gomez. Thats what we need. A big tower up there who can take the ball down.

    And then we should focus on a super stabile centreback.
    And look at the possibility to add some good english players.

    Gareth Barry as a main priority with maybe Gary Cahill as a option to.

  2. Ok lets start on Luisao, I have seen him play well and I have seen him look like a total donkey, he plays well a majority of the time but has never stood out enough for me to think I would want him at City.

    Cardozo is a decent little player, very good with a ball at his feet, would prem be to physical for him, the jury is out.

    Gareth Barry is a good midfield player but I just feel he may be one of those one team players, if he moves on I fear that he wouldn't have the same effect, I wouldn't turn my nose up at him but I wouldn't make him a priority.

    Gary Cahill, well we already have far better than him, so a simple no.

  3. Mario Gómez is average, better of with santa cruz

  4. No way no how, Gomez is scoring goals for fun and is superb at holding the ball up, a lot better than Cruz. I have to disagree with that one.

  5. I think its interesting that it has gone quiet on some of the January rumours and that the agents are not agitating for a move now for Taiwo and Fabiano - I would have both. RSC definately and break to bank for a 30 goal a season man - dont care who it is, even if its Van Nistelroy for a season. An experinced centre half is crucial and I think Bramble fits the bill - sorry only joking - Toure probably.

  6. We need really top world class players, DAVID VILLA and DAVID SILVA

  7. The only possible way I can see us signing those two players is if they have no other choice, which I can imagine they will have.

  8. Gomez is an excellent finisher with good physical presence and good speed off the ball. with elano, ireland robinho and swp who all can supply good passes, he will fit right in. but Gomez is also a confidence player. he's having a hard time in the german squad. partially its because the german team can't really pass too well, but also because of his low confidence on the int stage.

  9. to be honest in a dream world, i would love to see ricardo carvalho in a city shirt, may never happen, but to me him along with vidic and carragher,(these 3 i rate being the best 3 centre halfs in the world)he's a defender that can keep your team in the game on his own and we all know he makes terry an even better player when playing along side him.
    another lads i would love to see in a city shirt are yaya toure (made drogba's strength look average in the CL semi at the bridge)
    david villa would be a dream, along with tevez and xabi alonso/ essien... if we added those players to given, kompany, onouha, bridge,(still willing to give him a chance since i once felt he was better than ashley cole)de jong, sumperman, SWP, robinho
    i think that would have a slightly more threatening look to other teams. the reason united and chelsea are very successful teams is because they have quality players everywhere who can punish teams when given space... we're still lacking abit and need to work harder off the ball
    but thats just my thoughts, i take it a few may dissagree?

  10. Funny you should say Carvalho because I am a huge fan of his as well and I also say exactly that about when he plays alongside Terry, unfortunately I am not sure we could pull that transfer off.

    To the anonymous commenter, you are spot on Gomez is a confidence player, I seen him play so bad in the Euros for Germany that he did not look like he was a footballer. But he does have the talent and when on top of his game he is a far superior alternative to Santa Cruz as a striker who will hold the ball up.

  11. John Terry, ( Defender )
    Tevez, Silva ( Midfielder )
    David Villa ( Striker )
    and with the rest of the team, we could be a terrible team

  12. Gary, you say, In case you don't know who all these guys are..... from left to right.
    That´s the question if they are not to knowing do we need them ?
    If we want a team to fight for Premier and travel to Europe I think players as Carlos Tevez, David Silva and David Villa are necesary

  13. Yaya Touré, Carlos Tevez and David Silva would be a fantastic midcenter (midfielder),
    and Robinho and David Villa an amazing forward

  14. Carlos Tevez xavi Alonso and David Silva David, not only because they are fantastic but even they speaks the same language and that is very important on the green, even ROBINHO understand them.

  15. i give up on villa and silva but the tevez thing is very exciting and i think we definetley need a new left back because bridge is a cabbage

  16. Alongside signings I would rid of the following 15 players: Ball;Vassell;Garrido:Schmeichel;Mills; Fernandes;Hamann;Benjani;Etuhu;Berti;Dunne; Sturridge(for no loyalty and greed),Caicedo(loan),Jo (swap back to CSKA for Zirkhov) and Logan (loan or buy back clause).
    I would give minutes to Weiss; Mee; Clayton; Vidal and McGivern from the youth ranks.

    Then buy all of the following and put some of the younger signings and above out on short term loans after a time:

    Centre back/defence- Raul Albiol (Valencia); Mertesacker (Werder Bremen); Fabio Santacroce young star def(Napoli). Left Back/wing- Zirkhov(CSKA Moscow).
    Midfield- Yaya Toure(Barcelona); Silva (Valencia); S Defour (Standard Liege); Hernanes (Sao Paulo).
    Forward Line- Eto'o (Barcelona); Diego Milito (Genoa); Sergio Aguero (At Madrid) or Tevez (Man Utd); Young star to bring through Keirrison (Palmeiras).
    In total 12 signings including established winners/leaders and young talent that will increase in value out on loan or bit part in cups.
    This should provide cover/replacement also for underperforming Richards, Bridge and Johnson. Not convinced by De Jong either yet but will not matter with the defensive/midfield strength above.
    15 out and 12 in but with real quality on the pitch and bench to add to what we already have.

    I like all of the players mentioned by posters above but know Fabiano is a trouble maker and took a long while to adapt to Spanish football and is no spring chicken with this his second spell in europe(to him I prefer Jo as at least he has time on his side). David Villa will not leave Spain and according to Spanish press is on his way to Barcelona with the money we pay for Eto'o ala that friendly no player discussed meeting between Cooke and Laporta lol. As for Mario Gomez there is such a gulf between international form and club performances that who knows how he may perform. He could be amazing or another Samaras. I agree he does look better than Santa Cruz.

  17. To the anonymous comment that said.... 'Gary, you say, In case you don't know who all these guys are..... from left to right.
    That´s the question if they are not to knowing do we need them ?'

    Well for a start I would expect everyone to know the players I named, they are all very good players. But pictures can be decieving and people might have seen them play without recognising them on a picture. Then there is also the simple fact that some people for what ever reasons might not know who they are.

    To pick up on the other thing you said.... 'If we want a team to fight for Premier and travel to Europe I think players as Carlos Tevez, David Silva and David Villa are necesary'

    That is quite an ignorant thing to say, you don't have to sign only ready made superstars to make a good team. There is plenty of players waiting to be discovered as the next superstar. Its not about what their name is but how they play football.

  18. To the anonymous comment that starts 'Alongside signings I would rid of the following 15 players'

    For starters give me a break I was going to do an article on players that we want out a little bit closer to the end of the season LOL

    The interesting player that you mentioned was Hernanes, I have watched him quite a lot and there is no doubt he is a good player but he is another one that I am not sure would do it in the prem, I would say worth a try though.

    A bit of a shame you spent all that time on your comment and didn't leave your name. PEOPLE LEAVE YOUR NAMES PLEASE!

  19. Jim, Furness Vale13 May 2009 at 20:15

    I would prefer to see us playing a 4-4-2 next season but having the ability to change formations as the situation dictates. Therefore I'd like to see two quality players in each position with some fringe players being kept on, some on loan and a few to leave.

    Starting at the front, I'd like us to sign two of Gomez, Huntelaar, Milito D or van Nistelrooy. As support to the main target man then Tevez is the obvious choice to alternate with Robinho depending on form or injuries.

    On the right wing I think Zab and SWP can do a job their for us and on the left I'd like to see Zhirkov brought in as competition for Petrov who is suspect now after his injury spells in Spain, and this season over here.

    In attacking midfield I think Diego would be a great player to compete with Ireland and I'd sign Yaya Toure to compete with De Jong in the other midfield role.

    At centre back I'd play Kompany and Onuoha but alos bring in either Agger or Chiellini on the left side of centre and try for Luisao or Lescott for the right side. As for the wing back roles then maybe Glenn Johnson on the right and Taiwo on the left to compete with Richards and Bridge. As for the goalkeeper then it would be nice to sign Lopez and loan Hart out.

    For me I'm afraid Dunne and Elano would both be sold not because of lack of ability but if we are to reach the top then we need two top players for each position in the team. I think Bojinov, Jo and Caceido should be loaned out to other teams.

  20. if it was up to me i would buy 2 defenders a left back which would be Marcelo and a Centre defender who would be Mertesacker i dont think we need a Defensive Midfielder as we have Kompany, De Jong, Zabaleta, Fernandes and Johnson (If he ever returns) i dont believe we need any Attacking Midfielders either so i would then sign 1 striker who would be Carlos Tevez then we would make the top four

  21. plus wot about Neymar i mean Robinhos his hero plus Lavvezi

  22. To Jim, they reckon Diego is more or less a Juve player, we would have to try and scupper that deal quickly. Interesting that a couple of people are saying Zhirkov, I have seen him a few times and I have to say that he has left me disappointed, maybe the write ups he gets have made me expect more from him.

    Josh, lets start with Marcelo. I am fan of his as a young up and coming player but he just isn't good enough at the moment,very unpredictable player. As for Mertesacker, he is a good footballer but I would suggest he isn't an improvement on what we have and definitely not a major one. To finish off Neymar, he is just a young lad and although I am sure we would be interested in him, he wouldn't be bought with plans in mind for him to be a first team player from the get go.

  23. Tevez, Villa , Terry would all be very nice, We do need more in defence as we are a bit thin at times and lack real prem talent if one of the regulars get injured

  24. Any who thinkks RSC's is a reliable 30 goal a season striker, should check his record for this season and every season he has had at bayern. He scored few and far between and is another injury prone striker like bellamy and benjani. Hughes was right not to break the bank on damaged goods.

    It's all very well saying villa, terry, yaya toure... but we are not in a strong position to attract these player over big champions league clubs. Villa will have a fine choice of top clubs, it's not likely that he will jon for a few extra quid without any european football.

    'For me I'm afraid Dunne and Elano would both be sold not because of lack of ability but if we are to reach the top then we need two top players for each position in the team.' why then? Dunne has been shit..ok sell him, but elano who is one of the best in the side?

    any way players!
    Naldo from bremen, they may get in to chumps league next season if they win uefa, but if they dont...there is no chance of doing it in the league. The guy is a beast and has the physical attributes to jump in to the prem. (centre Back)

    Udinese are a mid table side this season, but they have some quality.
    Zapata (centre back) Young tall, quick centre back, pure class act who can pass the ball out of defence. would be well worth throwing cash at to seal his signature.

    Inler- battling midfielder. Shows the class ans presence that his swiss counterpart gelson simply doesnt! Big interest. throw him the money!

    Long shot- Rafa Van der Vaart. Not been a great success at real, despite some real quality displays, the prem would suite the dutchmen nicely, likely to attract big names, but is the ideal player we need, someone who can pick the ball up in the middle and drive it forward. Not sure if he has the best physical strength, with ireland it may be too weak, although his a better player!

    But really we need some one who can pick the ball up and drive it forward with power and skill, and win ball in the middle. Top teams have these players, cheslea have a few!

    striker wise.. i dont know who we can buy... villa would be ideal for goals, obviously he too is small and would add the physical presence to the front line,...but surely its goals that matter, he will prob go to barca.

    eto'o small chance, but chelsea a likely target.

    Gomez, gomis, gignac, ... bring back bianchi

  25. Garry - I am fully in agreement with your assessment of Gomez. I am quite familiar with the Bundesliga and Gomez has been superlative for VFB Stuttgart over the past seasons. Yes he had a poor EURO tournament but he was relatively inexperienced at international level as he had only a few games under his belt and Low was never certain on his front pairing which probably didn't help. international tournaments are about finding rhythm quickly so i think his performance at EURO 2008 were really just a bad 3 days at the office. The fact is he has all the goods: technical skill, guile, off the ball mobility and he always takes up the right position in the box. His games to goal ratio is very impressive.

    I actually think that RSC has the same abilities and I'm surprised some my fellow citizens don't rate him. I think its worth mentioning that he did the business for Hughes at Rovers and then some. The fact that RSC speaks highly of Sparky means he'll be committed to City cause and I don't think his first EPL season was a one off. Yes the injury record this season is a concern but i do suspect he may be deliberately "tanking" it as he wants out at Rovers.

    Back to the Bundesliga. going into the series against HSV I mentioned on Jack's blog that Piotr Trochowski was the dangerman. As you saw he can play on either wing or through the middle, has a cannonball shot, an eye for a pass and trick dribbling skills. An ideal candidate for offensive midfielder should Elano leave.

    I noticed a lot of people mentioning Per Mersacker. While he is a big man at 6'3 he's not a very physical player. In fact he's quite a clean player very unlike the old school German centerbacks like Jurgen Kohler. I'm not sure if the style of the EPL would suit him though he's quite an intelligent player and a clean tackler.

    Diego would have been a great offensive player to have as he played with Elano and Robinho at club level in Brazil but the word is he's already signed for Juventus.

    I would also like to see us make an offer for Thorsten Frings. He is the physical box to box midfielder City need and he could really free Stevie Ireland up for offensive capabilities much like he does with Ballack for Germany.

    I also wanted to comment on the possible signing of David Villa. While i think he's one the most complete striker's in Europe I don't think we should sign him. Even though he's likely to leave Valencia
    I really don't think he has any interest coming to the EPL at the present moment. He has said that even if he has to leave Valencia he wants to stay in Spain. We need to bring in players who want to be at City. I don't doubt his immense talent but I don't think its the right time for him to come anyway as City are still in transition.

  26. PJ ...if you follow bundesliga, you should know, RSC achieved very little at bayern. He rarely scored more than 5 in a season, and had a terrible time with injury, the same injury that still prohibits him now. One season in the premier league and suddenly he's great, i dont think so!

    His long term form is woeful, there is a reason blackburn got him on the cheap! We dont need another player to keep bellamy company on the physio table.

    I prefer naldo at centre back, he has the physical nature that would attract hughes. And is getting better and better!

    Trochowski is a very good player, he played well against us in the uefa. He's a class act and pulled the strings for them.

    Gomez has good speed aswell, which is a good asset in this league. He is also a reachable target!

  27. OK lets start with Piotr Trochowski, he is a really good player and I would snap him up, the word is that he might be one of Hughes targets already.

    Naldo, now I am not fully sold on him, he is decent but whether or not he is good enough for prem is a different story, if I was to buy a Brazilian centre back it would be Juan.

    As for RSC, he may be a success if he comes to us but I think I would prefer to give Gomez a go.

  28. Tommytheblue - You'll get no argument from me that the RSC injury record is a concern and like Gary and yourself I'd go with Gomez first but the point I am trying to make is that RSC is a damn good player. Look at his return in international competition for Paraguay. He's been doing the business for them for quite some time and he's currently the leading scorer in South America WC 2010 qualifying. I'd also point out that most of his national team goals are in competitive internationals.

    There are numerous high quality players who don't make the grade at Bayern. Does that mean they're shit? Maybe. But there's a reason they're called Hollywood FC. The best of players don't perform well when they're unhappy or unsettled and I think that may of had a lot to do with RSC spending a lot of time on the training table. Like Bellamy his highest goal return at club level was for Hughes. You see a coincidence, I see a pattern. I guess will have to agree to disagree on this one.

    Back to players we are in agreement on, I'm happy to hear that Trochowski is on the City radar and if we are going to look at Naldo or Mersacker I give Naldo a very slight edge as he's more physical. Personally I think we need a centerback who's comfortable bringing the ball up out of the back but I'm struggling to name one who's available. Any names come to mind?

  29. I personally wouldn't sign Mertesacker or Naldo none of them are better than good.

    Now, 'I'm struggling to name one who's available. Any names come to mind?'

    Anyone and everyone is available to us, so I would think that although we might not get the best of the best, we should be able to sign a very good centre back.

    As already mentioned I would have a cheeky bid for Carvalho.

  30. Gary - Really like that idea of a cheeky bid for Carvalho. While there are other centerbacks who are tough and tenacious and could probably do the business, I do struggle to think of one who is comfortable brings the ball up out of the back. Woodgate is good at this but his lack of speed makes him a liability. Christian Chivu comes to mind as does Heiko Westerman of Schalke and Germany, though he's not as cultured as Chivu.

    Speaking of Romanians, they have an underrated left back in Razvan Rat who should feature in the UEFA Cup final for Shatar Donestk (unless he's suspended). He was excellent for Romania in EURO 2008. Very good going forward and tenacious in the tackle. Worth a look in my opinion.

  31. christian zapatsa at udinese. He a class act!!!

    And yes PJ, Roque has a good intenational record, but ,most of their competative games come against sides like peru, chile, bolivia..Venezuela. Not the best defensive competetion! He had his share of games at bayern, but couldnt do it...

    He's not a regular goal scorer, so banking on the form of one season, doesnt make sense! Bellamy indeed had his only season that he reached double figure under hughes, but he's older now and has consistantly played less games through injury. He wont play much for us. #It doesnt make good sense to have too strikers who can barely last a season, maybe get owen in aswell and we can rotate.

    Were not going to agree! lol

    The attribute he adds is physical nature which we wont get with gomez, villa..and so on..What other options are their for big strikers... we have felipe who still developing and learning his way through prem football. It's a role Hughes likes.

    Pandev any one? milito

  32. Zapata is a good player and can play all along the back four, so might be worth a chance.

    Rat and Chivu, I wouldn't bother with any of them. Rat is a tough player and isn't scared of a tackle but I am not convinced he is better than a half decent player. Chivu can be excellent but most of the time his reading of the game is terrible, so if we were going to buy him we might as well put Richards back at centre half.

    Milito, well he is another player who I am not sure would do it in the premier league, he may be worth a chance but not at a big price. Pandev is another one that would be risky, the Italian league is so poor that it is hard to say if the prem would pass them by.

  33. GARY, how many top world class players must say NO to understand City is a mediocre team ?
    Kaka, Villa, Silva, Raul, Messi,Ribery, Terry and etcccccc.....
    Try to sign BENEDICT XVI, It would be easier ¡

  34. Given
    G.johnson Ivanovic Kompany Abidal

    Alonso Diego

    Olic Drogba Robinho

  35. that is what i want our team to be

  36. To the anonymous comment, for a start I have not named any world class players and also none of Kaka, Villa, Silva, Raul, Messi,Ribery, Terry have turned us down.

    Milan pulled out of Kaka deal, the rest have not been bid for.

  37. Lambert that is a good team for sure, a player that stands out in it is Olic, he is a very good player but unfortunately has signed for Bayern Munich.