Sunday, 10 May 2009

Man Utd 2 - 0 Man City (Ronaldo 18', Tevez 45')

Beaten away from home again, a bit different this time though we were playing Man Utd at Old Trafford after all.

City started off brightly today and we were comfortable for the first 20 minutes or so, though we were knocked out of our stride a bit when Utd scored. Utd were awarded a free kick after Stephen Ireland made a good tackle on Berbatov, for me never a foul, Ronaldo stepped up to take it the the ball deflecting off De Jong and into the net. City were still not playing badly as such but Utd still managed to score a second goal, Tevez with an individual effort doubled Utd's lead.

It isn't hard to dissect our performance today, we played ok today and at least didn't disgrace ourselves, we did however let ourselves down when it came to doing the basics. We gave the ball away far to much and were not picking up the loose balls, when we went forward we posed no threat and continuously over played the ball when we just needed someone to go direct instead of knocking it around.

When you play a team as good as Man Utd it is hard to find to much fault because of how good your opponents are, there was one thing though I was particularly unhappy about today. I didn't think we got anywhere close to the passion level we should have reached, there was no conviction in our play, I expect blood sweat and tears when you put on that shirt in a game that is so important to the people that pay your wages. If the truth is known then we shown Utd to much respect and were not nasty enough, people do things different ways but I think that you have to kick teams like Utd all over the pitch to help stop them.

I was also disappointed with certain players and the manager today, Elano was disgraceful and Hughes should have replaced him at half time as he wasn't effecting the game what so ever. The Brazilian International as he refers to himself was dreadful in every department, his passing was particularly bad and I think that if Wright-Phillips is fit for the next game then Elano only has himself to blame if he is dropped.

There was two players that really stood out for us today and they were Richard Dunne and Nedum Onuoha, they were both fantastic and were the only two in my opinion that did wear our shirt with pride today. Dunney and Nedum were immense today and when you think about it kept Utd very quiet, they were both playing with passion and pride today. Their tackling, tracking back, positioning and even passing were all excellent today, their performance just reminded you that Dunney will never let you down when you need him as always and that Nedum is a true City lad who will be our Mr reliant for many years to come.

I hope that there isn't to many distraught City fans tonight, Utd are just better than us it is that simple, I mean it can't be bad when you can take Ronaldo off and bring Rooney on. It is exactly what we must aspire to, keep faith because our time will come again very soon you can bank on that.

To finish off I am not a bad loser so I just want to say that I hope the Man Utd fans are having safe journeys home to London and Ireland.


  1. We did look woefull in the last third but no SWP or Bellamy. So no direct front man and we pussy footed about lacking courage to just have a go. Quite game from Ireland did not help the cause either.
    All in all not a disaster but not brilliant either.
    Hallmark of this team/manager we are unable to get a result if we concede the first goal.

  2. Yeah Thanks got home to Ireland !! had to sit with Manure in the East Stand went to the markee was only way sure of ticket on the table was - 1 man and this 2 kids who were swiss a man from cornwall, 2 Koreans and 3 Irish one of which was me good banter and all however when I was in the east stand I have to say I was shocked at the abuse from the manure not at me as i had not got a lot shout about,

    but you may remember few years ago Beckham family was dragged into the slagging off and a lot of terrible things were said only I can say is I hope all the City players went home to there familys and everyone was alright some ot The things I heard were disgraceful and a lot of the fans of the manure would agree with me when I say ban these animals from football there nothing more than scum trying to bring football back 20 or 30 years and shame on the staff at that shithole for allowing this to take place in front of women and children!!!

  3. BR121 I knew you were Irish but you were supposed to keep it hush hush for the sake of having a go at the Man U fans lol.