Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tottenham Hotspur 2 - 1 Man City (Defoe 29', Bojinov 65', Keane pen 86')

No fight, no desire, no conviction and no Europa league next season, our destiny was in our own hands and we have let it slip through our fingers.

We started off slow today and were punished after 29 minutes, Jermaine Defoe directing the ball home for the home team. We came out much stronger in the second half and Bojinov deservedly pulled us level with a superbly taken goal. In my view the game was stolen from us when the referee awarded Spurs a penalty that never was, Robbie Keane stepped up to slot the ball home.

As I said we started off slow today and were rightly losing when going into the break, I said that we need more fight in our game and we didn't get any. In the second half we played much better and deserved our goal but we still had no bite in our play. I was really glad to see Hughes make the double substitution of Bojinov and Benjani today, it has took him until the second to last game of the season to make this kind of change, he should have been doing it all season because it payed off.

This was really frustrating to watch today if we would have played better in the first half then the game was ours for the taking, we made Spurs look a lot better than they are. I don't know why we didn't go out on the pitch motivated for 9o minutes of hard work, but we didn't and now our dreams of more European football are gone.

There isn't much else to say it was quite straight forward, we lost another away game because we play in a totally opposite way to the way we play at home. If we are to improve away from home next season then we have some big changes to make, away from home we look scared to attack teams and almost choose to play in a negative manner. It's unexplainable really and I bet if you ask Hughes then he wouldn't have an answer as to why we play so bad away from home.

As you can probably tell I am quite disappointed not just with our performance but with some of the dubious officiating. This draining season is coming to an end now, so lets just look forward to the last home game of the season and hope that City send us away with something to smile about during the off season.


  1. Hope we dont get involved with certain players in the summer i.e rsc not sure on ronaldinho either but its telling we need to get a few players for today its the same old same old nothings changed and nothin will with leslie in charge hope sheik does whats right and get hughes out.

  2. Another game more excuses from Hughes,

    Boj gets the goal I believe that will get him going pity 1 game left in the season Caicedo starts again and as per the norm can't keep the ball or do anything with the ball apart from giving it to the spurs players missed a sitter OH sorry thats the norm with him also,

    I do hope Hughes is playing him just to sell him I've said it before that this Lad is not a prem player granted he is big but for a big lad like that to lose the ball so easily is a disgrace Boj got a cracker and you can see that he is a true finisher with the ball put caicedo in the same spot and someone on the second tier has a new ball.

    As for Sparky and his excuses I sick no sorry F**king sick of them yeah true was'nt a peno does that defend this plan of putting a stricker up front that could'nt hit a barn door from 10 feet away seacond half good call put 2 up front have some ball's and go for it.

    Hughes this week said He thinks he deserves more praise for this season what a big headed twat he really is, Vainty beyond all reason he's spent in excess of 100M and has finshed properly about 10th yeah round of applause for that!! Pat yourself on the back City could do that before we had real money!!

    Sheik Monsour and the Fans deserve more praise for putting up and giving this monster ego more than a second chance long and the short he is not the right manager for this team and is out of his depth.

    Sorry you have have guessed I'M little annoyed today.