Sunday, 24 May 2009

Man City 1 - 0 Bolton Wanderers (Caicedo 8')

The season is finally over, we finished it off by beating Bolton. There are parts of me that are sad that the season is over and parts that are relieved, time to look to next season from now on.

Before the game today City announced that Etihad airline will indeed be our new sponsor, a three year sponsorship deal has been agreed.

To the game, City won the game today through an early goal scored by Felipe Caicedo, there was some lovely link up play before Caicedo put the ball in the net from close range.

We played alright today and should have scored more goals but one nil is as good as five nil as long as you win I suppose. We were treated to a few tricks and flicks today and it was good to watch, of course Robinho was the leader of the gang in that respect.

Because there wasn't really anything on the line today there isn't really anything more to analyse about the way we played, I do however want to mention a couple of players.

ONUOHA: Now several times I have talked about Nedum Onuoha of late but I just can't help it, he is playing so well. His potential has always been evident but after being blighted with injury there was a worry he could have faded away, I am glad to say he hasn't. He is the type of player that you want at your club and truthfully I would consider him as a captain now or in the future. I hope he gets an England call up because he deserves it.

CAICEDO: In Caicedo we have a player that a lot of City fans do not like and the question is why do so many City fans dislike him? I know at least one reason, I know he frustrates fans because he doesn't use all that upper body strength of his. The thing is if your not that type of player your not that type of player and it is that simple. Whatever the other reasons are for disliking him just can't be good reasons because when you sum it up, he is a young lad who has been scoring goals for us this season when he has got his chance in the team. I would like to see him stay and develop further.

He got to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the final home game of what has been a turbulent season, I know that I for one will be lost without being able to watch City playing at a weekend, suppose we will have an interesting transfer window to look forward to though.


  1. Not much of a match really today I thought, though we did get treated to some nice tricks. Great to see the man Berti get a run too.
    Onouha was again excellent- would not look out of place in the England squad.

    As for Caicedo, I'm far from convinced but if anything he certainly knows where the back of the net is. I do feel he needs to play as part of a front two, but I do hope he sticks around as he obviously has some talent I feel.

  2. Caicedo is only 20, most people were less than convinced in ireland untill this season. He's 22 now, it takes time to develop physically and mentally in this league, caicedo hasnt played half a season and is already our most prolific player! He is a big lad, so hughes will like that and can try and harness that.

    Robinho was stunning, full of tricks and flicks, unlucky with some cracking shots.