Saturday, 7 November 2009

Man City 3 - 3 Burnley *Video* (Alexander 19(pen), Fletcher 32, Wright-Phillips 43, Toure 55, Bellamy 58, McDonald 87)

Well I am fed up, it is all going wrong for us at the moment. A poor first half showing and then Hughes's naivety in the second stopped us from getting all three points.

I am really going to try and not rant on about this result because I have been saying the same thing for the last few weeks.

My disappointment started before the match had kicked off today when I saw that Nigel de Jong had been dropped, how can anybody in the right mind drop a player who has been one of our best players since he came back in to the team. Barry is the man that should have been dropped for Ireland, he has been playing terrible for weeks now and was also at fault for one of Burnley's goals today.

When the game did start we were slow out of the blocks, our back four throughout the first half was all over the place and both midfielders Barry and Ireland were non existent. Our other two midfielders were not providing much width and kept coming inside and slotting in behind the strikers. I suppose we weren't as bad as I have seen us lately in the first half, but still we were no where near good enough.

When the players came out for the second half I turned to my Father and said that by the looks on the players faces they have been read the riot act and by the way they played for most of the second half they took it on board. We were much better in the second half, the anonymous Stephen Ireland was much more involved for the first 25 minutes and was making a real difference, although SWP wasn't particularly bad in the first half he was also much better in the second and was key to us getting back on top of the game. The back four played more flat and looked all the better for it and the forwards were running the line better.

Overall though it didn't help that the players booked their ideas up because Hughes was in the background ready to make some amazingly stupid tactically decisions. 3 - 2 up with 17 minutes to go Hughes thought it would be a good idea top bring on Martin Petrov, when what he should have done is brought de Jong on to help us see the game out. On top of bringing Petrov on he thought it would be a good idea to make him and SWP swap wings, SWP had been terrorising Stephen Jordan all of the second half but for some reason that wasn't what Hughes wanted to keep happening.

Hughes just baffles me at times, it is unbelievable how wrong he gets it at times and today were some of the worst tactics I have ever seen. I don't know why he does it, I would be surprised if he could give a sensible reason as to why he does it. To be honest I wanted Hughes to be the man that takes us forward, I thought he had it in him but at the moment I couldn't care less if he was sacked.

We have just got to hope that it gets better for us now and I do think it can get better with just a few simple changes, but whether Hughes will sort it out or not is a different question.

Goals and Highlights.


  1. Adebayor looked off the pace and lazy today. I hope those Arsenal fans weren't right about him.

  2. Well to the Arsenal fans comment which I have deleted, I am open to any opinions on my blog but not ones that have racism in them. You said Adebayor was useless, people like you are of no use to anybody.

  3. I was screaming at the screen today...Adebayor just didn't want to move, it was infuriating!!

    I just wish he'd shut up, he talks in the media all week about Arsenal then performs like that again. He needs to get over Arsenal and focus on us.

    Agree with you about Hughes' decisions today. I think he just underestimated Burnley, he thought we would just roll them over then when we went 3-2 up he got cocky, which i find bizarre given our run of form, and we were made to pay.

    Good write up, can't disagree with much.

  4. To the stupid Arsenal fan who keeps commenting, if you don'tthink what you said is racist then your a bigger fool than I thought. As for us being hypocrites, don't tar us with ur brush, City fans have never sang anything racist like that.

  5. At anonymous. Perhaps singing "his dad washes elephants, his mom's a whore" may not be racist but it is classless. For the record I don't condone anyone singing it, Citeh, Gooners, or otherwise. I understand that watching football is not only emotional but sometimes a cartharsis, but there's a limit. Real adults admit when they're wrong , apologize, and move on. Sadly I don't think we'll see an apology from you anytime soon. Hope you'll prove me wrong but I doubt it. what a pity, for true Arsenal fans,"Citeh" fans and football fans in general.

  6. Adebayor was poor the first half but the second half he was much more mobile stretching space and making gaps - my criticism during the game was it was crying out for one of the other forward players to move into the space that Ade was creating....

    If was by no means the worst on the pitch

  7. If that's what Arsenal fans were singing I can understand better why he was angry. Ade is a good player but as an Arsenal fan I am glad he is gone. I will not say he is all bad, but he is too much about himself and not enough about the team, and that is never good to have. This might sound like heresy to some Arsenal fans, but even Thierry Henry had gotten to that point by the time he left. On the other hand, he was by then the best player Arsenal ever had. Whereas Ade had one good year.

  8. You will understand why the the Arsenal fans hate Adebayor soooooooo much.

  9. Enough about Adebayor.

    You're right up on th game, spot on - let's hope is does get sorted.

    Further to the distinctly average performance of yesterday - I also thought the officials had a poor game.

    Burnley's pen harsh in the extreme - that was right in front of where I sit and it must have hit Lescott at 50mph.

    He missed the tug on Tevez in the box and gave two offsides that clearly were on and missed two corners in the 2nd half where the deflection on Burnley players was plain as day to everyone except the referee.

    That said we have to do better.

  10. Guys,
    work in progress!
    Admittedly some bizarre decisions by MH, but great comeback against a Burnley team well up for it, playing good football!
    Not happy about the long balls played by Shay and the defence, wouldn't be so bad if our forward line were good headers of a ball - with the exception of Ade, they're really not.
    I don't think Ade looked happy with that kind of supply either.
    Makes me think MH is asking the defence to clear the ball out until their confidence is built, or they're doing it off their own bat - either way it's not doing us any favours.
    Come on MH, let's start playing like a top class team, we've got the players now!