Saturday, 28 November 2009

Man City 1 - 1 Hull City ( Wright-Phillips 45', Bullard 82' pen ) *Video*

Well I don't know, we should have been out of sight in this game but were not able to see Hull off.

We went ahead when SWP fired home just before half time, unfortunately Hull were awarded a penalty which Jimmy Bullard converted. Goals and highlights below.

I just can't believe that we didn't win this game, we scored and then just went through the motions. We were pressing forward a lot but on a whole didn't seem to bothered about finishing Hull off. Hull were not even trying to play football their game plan was obviously to kick us at every opportunity and see how it went.

I have to blame Mark Hughes for this result I'm afraid, he did nothing to change the way we were playing and seemingly handed Hull the opportunity to snatch something from the game. Hughes dropped Bellamy today for Robinho and although Robinho looked alright, how can you drop a player in Bellamy's form? He also did nothing about our midfield, well I say midfield not that there actually was one on the pitch. SWP and Robinho were playing to far forward to be considered as midfielders and it left us exposed again.

Hughes also should have made more effective changes, SWP had one of those days again where he scored but did not much more apart from a few decent runs that came to nothing as per usual, I felt Weiss should have replaced him at some point in the second half. He also should have yet again tried to see the game out and brought Kompany on to give the defence more support along side de Jong. To be honest there was so many options available to Hughes that could have changed the game and he just refused to use them.

I know a lot of City fans are now crying out for Hughes to be sacked, I myself am still 50/50. If he was to get sacked I would not be bothered, but I am not quite ready to call for his head as I have a burning desire to see us have some continuity. The way it is going he will get sacked shortly if our poor run continues and if I am honest the only way that we can get out of this rut is if Hughes were to some how miraculously learn how to be tactically aware.

Goals and highlights.


  1. [quote]Hull were not even trying to play football their game plan was obviously to kick us at every opportunity and see how it went.[quote/]
    was you watching the game

  2. Yes I was there and Hull were making some ridiculous challenges, not only that but they were spoiling by milking challenges made on them, luckily the ref did not fall for it.

    I would be surprised if you were a City fan considering you have spelt City as Citeh.

  3. I'm a season ticket holder who goes to most of the away games,i'm just stating this because i think i'm reasonably well positioned to make valuation about how we're progressing as a club. This is the first time i've ever voiced my opinion on one of these sites, I'm just replying to what the city fan stated about how we could have had any manager out there for the second half and he wouldn't have been able to do anything with this team, It's a fair comment but all this mess didn't really start today at 1600, It all began last August when Hughes took over, we've played well four times in the league this season, first half against the rags we played well against villa for almost a whole half also Arsenal and Liverpool And this isn't down to tactical genius on the managers behalf, but in my humble opinion down to two factors 1, The quality we've ot out on the pitch. 2,the opposition forcing us to play a style that suits gifted players.

    I looked at the team today and it wouldn't have mattered who we could have playing up front or in the middle of the park come the January window. The system we were playing today isn't suited to top four club from any league or division in the world. It's designed to accommodate the style of play for a middle to bottom to third club. Teams cautious in their lack of own ability but not a club confident in it's ability to progress. We pack the midfield and play a really congested configuration at the back, Nigel practically plays as a fifth defender, and in the end our pro active players end up taking the ball off our back four,five so it becomes really difficult for our creative midfielders to weave their magic and mega simple for the opposition to keep the ball in the middle of the park. The only time we play well is when we play against quality and they force us to open up, that then gives barry , Ireland and our other WORLD class players the space they need to be creative.

    Hughes is a pragmatist and sticks to systems and formulas he knows will work,

  4. Hi Gary, I did say it would be a physical game from us.
    I enjoyed the game and was impressed with how the man city fans treated us.
    When you come to the KC i will recommend the bars to visit for good company for after match drinks.
    I think you should stick with hughes we was ready to get rid of Brown but he proved him self. Give hughes a bit more time i think its a little silly to expect to be breaking into the top four after the secound season after been taken over its not a right!.
    Anyway i wish you guys all the best and im sure you will progress higher up the table.

  5. Ok so to anon comment, I totally agree with you and am glad that you chose to leave your first comment on my blog.

    Hull fan, I am very happy that you were treated well. I also have to say you don't get many level headed opposition fans with something worth saying commenting.

    You guys are welcome to comment here anytime, I am very happy to have proper football people commenting on my blog as it is interesting and on a personal level helps me to learn about things from someone elses perspectve.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. Any suggestions for good places to go when I come to Hull in Feb will be appreciated.

  6. rubbish comment about trying to kick you at every opportunity.
    guess you did not see Adbeyor stamping on Mcshane then. Obviously you got the wrong city kicking at every opportunity.
    and how about them going down like children at every opportunity. cheating scumbags.
    20million team my ****.

  7. please sack hughes u cant get a result with the players we have common draws against burnley fulham and now hull that too at home,he was a rag he still is send him back where he came from hes not a manager who can handle top 4 aspirations hes already made a laughing stock of us drawing 7 sraight which we have never done in over a hundred yrs bring in hiddink or mourinho thats the only solution.Why doesnt he field johnson people tip him as the next colin bell for a reason

  8. Adebayors supposed stamp was a total accident and anyone could see that. Not that Mcshane didn't deserve a kick considering all the kicking he was doing!

    As for playing Johnson, he is one of the options he had to change the way we were playing but he didn't do it! I personally don't tip him as the next Colin Bell yet though, Colin Bell was a different class all together.

  9. Great first post anonymous,
    please elaborate on what style of play you think is suitable for top four football and for MH to adopt.
    I personally see different styles between Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and United, and recently it seems the last two have the styles to win the League.
    My favourite playing style is that of Barcelona, the most hardworking front line in world football. They act as if personally insulted when they lose the ball up the pitch, and pack together to get the ball back, even before it gets near the midfield, never mind the defence!
    No wonder the Barca fullbacks act as wingers, the centre backs are cultured ball players who rarely see the ball anyway. They go out every game fully intending to spend most of the game in the opposition half, so what if they get caught on the break every so often? They'll always get a hatful of goals with that attitude.
    Perhaps the Prem could nullify that style, but Barca made the rags look very ordinary, even with arguably the best rag team ever with Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez.

    Oh, sorry Gary, got to disagree with the Adebayor challenge, seen it again on Sky and fairly sure he meant it - he's a warrior! (or he was looking for a couple of games off!)

    All the best Hull fans, Jimmy Bullard is a star, hope he doesn't get in trouble with Phil B for that celebration, it was comedy genius!

  10. Nah really? Adebayor slipped and followed through for me.

  11. bellamy form? He hasnt done much since the derby, He's quite poor on the left, cant cross or take anyone on, far more effective through the centre.
    Robinho was by far the best attacking player we had. We lost our edge when he was removed ofr bellamy, a move that blunted our attack.