Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Apology to my readers

I just wanted to apologise about the lack of articles recently, I have just started a new job in the past two weeks and my hours have changed which means I am not able to post as much if at all in the day.

I have also not posted after work because I have been really tired, my body clock is adjusting from when I used to work at 3am in the morning.

Normal service will resume shortly.

Once again please accept my sincere apology, I didn't forget or get bored of providing articles for my readers, it was simply because of my change in circumstances lately.


  1. Pah! City second.

  2. Work pays for me to buy my season ticket and go to away games :-)

  3. Hi Gary, whats more important is quality over quantity and others work too so tbh you ask to much of yourself.

    City fans would rather you one top quality read rather than 20 heresay and rumour, remember there are a few of us bloggers m8.

    I am always making sure im not repeating what one of our other bloggers have covered including you.

    Keep up the good work m8, relax and enjoy our future.

  4. Hi Gary,

    Good Luck with the new job ... and I for one hope you keep on saying "we've Got Robinho".


  5. Good luck in the new job, Gary. Unfortunately, work has to come first, but your blog is always a good read. Keep it up.

  6. what are you going to change your name to now it looks like mr ego is doing one?

  7. looks like your going to have to rename this site ,we had robbie ,shame but we go on .

  8. I have a few ideas, if I decide I like a few different decent names I will put it to vote.

  9. robinho is a ******************....