Sunday, 1 November 2009

Birmingham City 0 - 0 Man City - Disgrace!

Today's performance was an absolute disgrace, what were they doing and I do not just mean the players I include Mark Hughes in that.

I am really struggling to find some kind of proper analysis for how bad we were because it would be so easy to just say that we were rubbish! How on earth can International footballers play like that, I have honestly seen better defending in Sunday League games.

I am furious with our performance and this time I am going to go through every player on the pitch and tell you what I think of them.

Given - Was in great form and stopped us from losing, a penalty save amongst his best moments today.

Zabaleta - Lucky he was there at times, he mopped things up and made some important interceptions.

Kompany - I didn't think he could play so bad, he was garbage and made loads of mistakes.

Lescott - At the moment he looks like the worst defender City have had since Lauren Charvet, useless.

Bridge - Defended well but caught the bug from the rest of the team and his passing went awful.

Bellamy - Didn't see the best of him today, the rest of the teams bad vision did not help.

De Jong - His usual feisty self, I did think as captain he should have been controlling the rest of the team better though.

Barry - Has gone off the boil recently and there was nothing different with him today, his passing was terrible and he should have been replaced.

Wright -Phillips - Absolute rubbish, he is on the pitch to take people on and create, he did neither.

Santa Cruz - Well this guy looks like a waste of money at the moment, he was also poor and did not look fit.

Tevez - He didn't do much but he had no service what so ever.

Subs: Ireland - finally Hughes brought him on but did nothing with our formation, so he had no impact.

Petrov - A couple of nice cross field passes and nothing more, he also made no impact.

I have no idea how Hughes cannot see that we have no formation, no shape and no midfield. The way we set up is ridiculous at times, he really needs to act fast. We cannot go on like this, it has gone beyond all the money we have spent, our team can not perform the basics of football at the moment.

The table does not look to bad for us at the moment, we are sitting in fourth but all that is doing is masking our poor performances.The frustrating thing is that we could be pushing for first if we hadn't messed up so many times lately.

I really hopes this sorts itself out and if it doesn't Hughes has to go!


  1. Mate, calm down. We got a point without playing well. It's not the end of the world! We played crap and we all know that - of course these are the types of games we must be looking to win - but last year we would have probably lost that game. Lescott had his best game for the club, and Zabaleta and Bridge were both very good. SWP took on and beat Ridgewell so many times that for you to say he didn't take people on suggests that you were watching a different game! How you can then suggest that RSC is a waste of money is beyond me. he guy was outstanding against Scunthorpe, but against a better side, yes he struggled. However, he is clearly not fully fit, had no support from anyone around him, and should not be judged by people like you after a performance like that!!

  2. I am sorry to have to say this but you dont know what you are talking about

  3. one solution only sack that no good manager Hughes..he's a disgrace spending money like crazy and still fucks up....if Wenger had half the money he would have won the league with Hull....nope citeh fans wake up...

  4. Oh, give over. Flap flap flap.

  5. Stop being a drama queen, we are 4th with a game in hand, you sound like a munich from Cornwall.........

  6. Stupid northern monkey! you should be glad with what you have got....and Given. How about credit to the team you were playing, they should have beat you by 2 or 3, good job they are not in any kind of form or you would be crying even more in your Boddingtons...try supporting your team not slagging them off.

  7. To the Southern soft arse, gob it, and get off the site....

  8. Gary, whilst i feel that you probably posted your comments 'in the heat of the moment' thus provoking the more level headed responses telling you to chill, i feel an underlying sympathy to your post. Not once this season have we dominated (or should i say 'dictated') play in a game. We can bleat all we want about the injury time in the derby but that second half performance was abject - Arsenal....great result, but again, we couldn't get the ball off them for long periods ie: we allowed them to play their game in our backyard - risky, West Ham, ditto, but thankfully they didn't possess the quality of Arsenal, Fulham....well 'nuff said.....Villa, again anything but inspiring. The point i'm making is this: we haven't 'got it together' yet, have we? (forget Scunny - for gods' sake, Villa and Everton would have done that last season, and thats what we are trying to emulate right?), all this 'it takes time to gel' it rubbish to a point...yes it takes time to play to your optimum as a group, but it doesn't take five minutes to put a good, solid shift in together when you are all of the quality of these guys. You put a bunch of world class musicians in a studio - they will play together very well almost immediately - because they 'know' how to interact. Watch them again several weeks later and yes, you will get more heart and soul as well as spontanaity etc...but, you won't get a performance like that today (in musical terms) at any point (if they really are that good and not ever so slightly overrated). You could use the analogy for any profession you care to - the results will be the same, the arts, medical, military - the only difference between these and footballers is the wages. We are 4th because Arsenal have been dodgy and Liverpool are all over the place at the moment - sorry, but we have spent 250 million give or take a bit - and so far, i'm afraid the Emperor has no clothes.

  9. By the way - my pre season bet at the bookies was 6th. So it's not like i expect top four. But if any of you really think we are going to do top 4 (or 6) playing like this - you don't get out much.....and drop the 'munich' stuff you classless tit.

  10. By the way, it's 'Capt' not 'Cpt' you clueless tit pattern.

  11. cptpattern, you try to sound all clever, but actually, you talk shite..

  12. Well first of all, the nasty comments there is no need for.

    Secondly I stick by what I say, its alright saying we are fourth and to chill, but that for me is settling for second best, we should be winning these games.

    It isn't like I am expecting them to be hammering these teams, all I want is the basics in place at least, you know like being able to pass a ball or having a formation, thats not to much to ask for is it.

    So I will say it again fourth now, but playing like this, for how long? If it isnt sorted we will drop right down the league.

    Captpattern thanks for the grown up response!

  13. Ok so its didisappointing 4 draws in a row and a poor performance yesterday but lets get it in perspective we are 4th with a game in hand over the top two! We have only played 4 games at home and match for match we are 8 pts better off than last seasons corresponding results (9 pts if you substitute last seasons 18th,19th and 20th clubs for the promoted three in order). In other words even if we could maintain this 'pathetic' improvement over a full season we would be 30 pts (34pts) better off this season over last, good enough for 3rd (2nd) in last seasons league not to mention all clubs so far have dropped more points than last season.

    I'd take that if offered it now, wouldn't you?

  14. No Probs - It's actually 'Captain' but there you go and yes i do talk shite - but not of the dead - it's only football. We just need to get our act together before some of the so called 'big boys' do thats all. I don't 'try' and do anything, it's all natural believe me. Hugs, KaPPPtin Patttunn

  15. I have to agree with the other guys who don't see yesterday's game as a disaster, I saw improvements in the defence - another clean sheet, and player's coming back from long term injuries still finding their feet.
    I think Birmingham went into the game on a high with the takeover by Carsson Yeung promising good times ahead, so give them credit for their part, chances are last season we would have lost this fixture.
    Finally, did you see the weather conditions? The wind was certainly affecting long range passing, making Gareth Barry's efforts look poor, when I have him down as our player of the season so far.
    I enjoyed watching Carlos Tevez putting more mileage in again, he's getting fitter every week and will soon rip someone apart - as will the rest of the team - I feel sorry for teams facing us this season, someone's going to be on the receiving end of a massacre!
    I commented to my cousin there wasn't one Birmingham player who on paper could get into our starting lineup, so that should show how far we've come in a very short period of time, so come on guys, cheer up worse things happen at sea!

  16. You seen improvements in defence? I am baffled how!

    As for Barry and his passing, why didn't the wind affect Petrov's cross field balls? Plus his short range passing was terrible as well!

  17. Gary,
    the clean sheet is a clue.
    Specifically, Wayne bridge seems to be playing with more confidence, Joleon Lescott is getting forward and seems to want the ball more all over the pitch, admittedly he still appears nervous on occasion but I see less mistakes, which leads me to think when he's settled down he'll eradicate the clangers from his game.
    Vincent Kompany played a solid game overall, not bad considering he's only just back from surgery and out of position from most games last season, and he gave us an aerial presence at the back - note we didn't concede from any set pieces.
    Pablo Zabaleta put the mileage in as usual, he's not the best in the air which concerns me, and personally I'd like a better right back overall, but he's honest and I think we all appreciate that!
    Of course Barry's passing was off, and he got caught out a couple of times but one game does not make a bad player - I think perhaps this shows how integral he is to our forward play.
    I'd like to see more creativity in midfield, but skilful, hardworking players don't come on the market that often - Yaya Toure is my pick to bulk up our midfield, he tackles, dribbles, passes and even heads a football - about time we had an aerial threat in the middle of the park.
    Oh, by the way, if you think Petrov's passing was so accurate I suggest you watch the game again and look at the shot across goal which failed to scare the corner flag, never mind the goalposts! The point I was trying to make was that all our team were affected by the wind, particularly in the first half, SWP's crossing was off too, therefore scoring goals was made more difficult for both teams, and so we got a scrappy English autumn game, which made no-one look good.
    You compare our defence to Sunday league football, well I suggest you pop along to your nearest park next Sunday and see some real, godawful defending! I used to play 11 a side, five a side and all variants of footy (sometimes 15 aside depending who turned up for training!), and was personally responsible for many a howler, so I can appreciate top class defending when I see it- and our defenders are top class, and they will get better.
    I am also concerned with the SWP bashing going on in these forums, he scores goals, covers twice as much of the pitch as Petrov and Robinho put together, beats multiple defenders at a time, puts the fear of God into the opposition, gets kicked all over the park and gets the oppo booked/sent off, gets picked for England and as far as I can see loves Man City - give the lad a break will you?
    I know we're used to City flattering to deceive especially in recent seasons, but things have really changed on and off the pitch, we have a squad to keep going all season when others will fall aside, which will sooner rather than later gel together as a unit - can't wait!!!

  18. I have to continue to disagree, Kompany was awful yesterday and made numerous mistakes, Lescott looks more than shaky and Barry is not playing well at all.

    Petro had a shot he should have done better with yes! But shooting and passing are different.

    SWP is playing terrible, I don't know when you have seen him take people on lately because he hasn't been doing it. I am not trying to bash him either, I really wish we could see the true SWP.

    As for playing football, I started playing in leagues when I was six and up until I was 14 was playing for Blackburn Rovers until I suffered a bad injury to my achilles, so I have a decent idea on how things should work. Whatever level I have played at defending and playing the way we are would not have been acceptable. The basics are not there.

    P.S. Could you leave your name please dude as I feel rude not being able to address you by name, thanks.

  19. Sorry Gary,
    my name is Jim, I'm not used to posting on forums, not sure how to get a fancy moniker like "Shaun Goater's totally fluke goal against Leeds when it hit him on the top of his head, yet he does that sort of thing every week" !!
    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree over recent performances.
    I'd like to discuss Mark Hughes and his performance as our manager. When he was announced I have to admit I wasn't best pleased, but I find myself admiring the way he has ridden the pressure of rebellious Brazilians (only one to shift now), constant scrutiny of his purchasing and over expectant media and fans.
    I do believe Hughes as a manager has some faults, such as tactical changes in play, but his ability to spot hardworking quality players makes up for it to a degree. You would be hard pressed to name many managers head and shoulders above him for tactical shrewdness, even acknowledged masters like Benitez bemuse fans and make obvious cock-ups!
    I hope Hughesy learns as he goes, but he won't be the last one-dimensional manager to taste success.
    He does seem to know what positions we are weak in and address them in the transfer market, what we must do is give his signings more time to settle in. The great Liverpool teams had a policy of bringing in around three new players a year, and sometimes they wouldn't get near the first team for almost a full season. Arsene Wenger gives his signings a good while to settle in before letting them loose, we don't have that luxury, so again I say give the new guys a few months, even years before writing them off.
    Food for thought - would you trade places with a Liverpool fan? No? Thought not, although I never thought I'd say that in my time as a City fan, they're in a right mess, in debt up to their eyeballs, old stadium, poor recent results, a manager under pressure, revolting fans (yes the old ones are the best!).
    Not doing so badly are we?
    I think you're right in that we're not getting the basics spot on, but I think we will with most of the current squad and the Manager, and if I'm wrong he'll get the sack, new man will buy a new team and here we go again!!
    It's still great to be a Blue, sometimes I have to stop and chuckle, richest club on the planet! HA HA HA - if it's a dream don't wake me up!
    Ps it can't be a dream cos I'm still fat, forty odd and can't get in the England side!

  20. Jim, Hughes is definitely tactically naive, at least we agree on that!

    Like you said all of his signings have been excellent, they are just not performing.

    I am under no illusions about our postion, the progress we have made is fantastic. It's just when you look at how we are playing, I think we should be doing much better.

    I look at how some of them are playing or not playing I should say and I start to think this guy is on a lot of money and he won't stick is head in because he is scared of getting hurt, or he bottled that tackle and so on........ and it really annoys me.

  21. If it's any consolation Gary I can only think of Robinho in our squad who really wimps out of challenges, and even he seemed to have bulked up a bit over the summer, watching him play for Brazil he even got positively aggressive on occasion!
    When you look back at some of the chickens who have turned out in sky blue in recent years the squad isn't such a pushover - just thinking of Eyal Berkowic anywhere near a tackle makes me laugh,even 'tho he was a creative genius and it was worth it!
    Elano pretended to tackle, but we all know how good at that he was!
    Oh crap, forgot about Petrov, another one who deserves an oscar for tackling and tracking back - Craig Bellamy puts them to shame!
    On a more reflective note, I've never had a really serious injury, so I don't know how these guys who have had career threatening injuries feel when they come back, and some Neanderthal like Stephen Hunt kicks them straight back into hospital, but on some level they must pull out of challenges, even if they think they're not.
    I dread to think how many of our squad have had recent long term injuries, hope they keep clear in the long run.
    I don't know if it's true that if you go into challenges half-heartedly you stand more chance of injury, but it seems right to me.
    Anyhow, like I keep saying, the squad will get fitter and will click into place, or I'll look like a chump and we'll still be the richest club on the planet!
    Bring back King Kev, then we won't need a defence!

  22. HAHA well Keegan certainly knew how to get a team to attack. I was thinking of Santa Cruz yesterday who was ducking out of tackles inparticular.

    Thanks Jim keep on coming and having your say!

  23. well i think City havent had any creativity in the midfield and its due to the absence of Ireland, the main creator of the team... other than that, Birmingham pressed hard on every play which required a quick passing response from city which never happened....maybe its lack of quality, maybe it was just a bad game...but the end note is that they should be playing better...