Wednesday, 30 September 2009

We all can't wait to meet our saviour!!! Do we have a song for him?

I know that all of us City fans can just not wait until Sheikh Mansour comes to Eastlands, we are all desperate to thank him in person for all he has done for us.

Everyday I am hearing the same thing ' When will we get the chance to let him know how we feel', I keep saying soon enough. Really though meeting him soon is not soon enough, us City fans are passionate and really really want to say thank you to him. Of course he is a busy man and we all understand why he has not been yet.

This man has totally transformed our club and not just by spending money, behind all the money that he has spent has been a lot of thought and desire to make us better as a whole, without that the money would be no use at all.

Every area of the club has been developed from the youth set up to the better facilities for the staff right up to the big money superstars. He was expected by most people, particularly other clubs fans and the media to just come in and throw cash about like there was no tomorrow and whilst he has spent big money he has not just threw it all at signing world class players. He realises that you must build from the ground up, I mean what would be the point in having a multi million pound player when they have to train at a run down complex.

I do not want to forget about Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak in all of this, he has been the man putting all the plans into action. He is a very intelligent man who will only accept the best for City, he is definitely a believer in building City for the right reasons, as walking away from certain deals for overly greedy players in the summer proved.

I would just like to say on behalf of all City fans in case Sheikh Mansour or Khalifa Mubarak are reading this which they probably are between business meetings, that we will never be able to thank you enough but we will do our damn best when you come to Manchester.

Now do we have any songs lined up for these two great people?


  1. OOOOOHHHH Sheikh Mansour I am not very poor but until my giro comes through me door will you lend me a score OOOOOHHHHH...........

  2. just bin lookin up arabic gestures, apparently placing your right palm on your chest whilst slightly bowing with eyes closed means THANK YOU !
    maybe city fans ought to adopt this gesture to appreciate what these people have done for our club......

  3. Oh Sheikh Mansour
    We used to be dead poor
    Then you walked through the door
    We couldn't love you any more

    With the FA, it's a war
    We daren't let Ade score
    He's working in the City Store
    And his knees are still red raw.

    I must tell you just once more
    So you really know the score
    That Gary Neville is a bore
    And we love you Sheikh Mansour

  4. Geoff could you give me link to where it says that please, I have to check it out just incase. You do get people who make mischief so please do not take offence.

    I think that would be a great idea!

  5. bit obvious but:
    we love sheikh mansour, we do
    sheikh mansour we love you

  6. you are our mansour....
    our only mansour....
    You made us happy........
    when things were gray.......
    Your just the best... sheik......
    all blues just love you mate
    Blue hearts are laughing.....
    and singing........ again.........

  7. hi gary, sorry cannot find link but google "arabic gestures" and that website will be there.... there is another with the arabic vocabulary which gives you the word THANK YOU.and how its pronounced.. cheers ...


    Baaraka Allahu fik

    (right hand on chest, showing it comes from the heart, the most sincere thankyou gesture you can give...)

  9. Thank you Geoff and Anonymous.

    I think that would be a great idea!