Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Richard Dunne - Mr Manchester City! *Video*

Today has seen Richard Dunne leave City, Dunney has joined Aston Villa.

I think that Dunney leaving City should be viewed as a sad day for all concerned. I am only in my early twenties and have never seen our true greats of the past play live, but for the players I have seen play during my era, I think Dunney has been a hero and a legend in his own right.

I know a lot of people will totally disagree with me about Dunney being a legend, but to be honest that's how I view his time at City and I stick by it. Dunney never ever put a City shirt on without knowing he was going to give all he had when he stepped on the pitch, he made mistakes at times (mainly because he had to cover someone else) but you could not question his commitment to our Club.

I am really going to miss watching Dunney's full blooded tackles, his ball hoofing and watching him steam past people with his deceiving pace. It is going to be weird not seeing Dunney walk on to the pitch after all these years, I guess it is something we will have to get used to as our club moves forward.

Richard won many Player of the year awards at City, well I say Richard Dunne player of the last decade!

Goodbye Dunney, you will be greatly missed, but will always be more than welcome at Manchester City Football Club.

Dunney Monster!


  1. Thanks for the tribute and I fully agree with what you said. However we need to move to a higher level and sadly Richard would not get into a world 11. The players arriving most certainly could. Barry

  2. i 100% agree, we're moving forwards and gaining more recognition globally, but the loss of dunney is a very saddening one, and one we could have done without. he clearly didnt want to leave the club as he had stated many times, and i feel asthough we've loved him through the bad and ditched him as soon as the good began to blossom. Dunne in my eyes is a top quality defender, and i'd pick him ahead of some of the so called big names in the premier league. Richard Dunnes name itself represents Manchester City and its going to be very strange and sad to see him in Villa colours. in my eyes he could have been given a season to see if he could do it in our current squad, and i'm dissapointed in Hughes as in the video above he told a blatent lie in keeping the paper columnests happy stating that he's key to our future plans. i wish him the best of luck, and from now on will always keep one eye on the Villa scores out of respect and good wishes for him. he'll be a big miss

  3. I also think he should have stayed this season, I think he can defend better than one of the defenders we have brought in.

    If for nothing more we should have kept him for back up, that would have really shown our strength in depth.

  4. Good Bye and good luck to our Machine Dunne.
    Hope we see you again sometime Richard.

  5. rick dunne wouldnt win any awards for being the best player in the world but he would if it was for giving 110% in every game and wearing a city shirt with pride so for that i thank you richard dunne and good luck

  6. Agree totally.
    Simply gutted - and so's me lad. Dunne was our favourite player and we've lost a bit of our soul letting him go. He truly deserved to be a part of what's to come.
    Not sure I agree with the 'we've got to move on' consensous as I firmly believe Dunney had really improved his game recently.
    Villa's gain, sadly, City's loss.

  7. Great captain - great player - really think sparky has let go of a true gem of a player - will miss the fella and what he has done for the club. Dickie Dunne a True blue legend.