Sunday, 20 September 2009

Man Utd 3 - 3 Man City, Martin Atkinson 1 - 0 Man City! *Video*

Man City scorers: Barry 16', Bellamy 62', 90'. Man Utd scorers: Rooney 2', Fletcher 49',80, Referee 90 + 45'. Goals and highlights below!

City drew after extra time at Old Trafford today, they did however lose it in extra extra extra time.

We were absolutely robbed of a point today, the referee allowed play to continue for over a minute and a half more than it should have. I am not saying we were robbed because we deserved anything from the game because we didn't although scoring 3 goals at Old Trafford is maybe worth a point, I am saying we were robbed because the referee was clearly playing on until United scored and that is the truth about what happened. He also gave a free kick that never was in my opinion for Utd to go on and score from the resulting set piece.

City were not all there again today, we were very sloppy and repeatedly lost possession, when will Hughes teach them to put their foot on the ball and slow things down? We can learn from this game today, Utd were way better than us in every single department and we should look at them and say that's what we need to be doing.

It is time that Hughes finally drops two of our big names, SWP and Ireland were being carried again today and contributed absolutely nothing. De Jong is playing well so I say keep him in midfield, wait for Robinho to get fit and bring in both him and Weiss. SWP is just not good enough at the moment, he seems to think he can run through players rather than have to take them on and as for Ireland there isn't a couple of faults with him, he looks like a man that has never played football before.

I think we can take lots from this game, I mean after all we did score 3 good goals goals at Old Trafford which is a hard task in it's self. We should keep our heads up and be ready for the next game, because we can finish high up this league if we want to!

Goals and highlights.


  1. Agree - lots to learn from this game - we basically lost it through our inability to hold possession and counter-attack, something we did very well last week against Arsenal

    I am not a Hughes knocker but I thought he got the balance wrong today - we seemded (I watched on telly and not at the game) that we play 4-4-2 for large parts of the second half when United really put us under the kosh - and the team wasn't balanced at all (Ireland didn't seem to get a touch) we needed to win the midfiled battle and we simply didn't do that 4-5-1 I think would have set us up better

    Still a lot of positives out of the game...3 goals at OT is certainly a plus and whilst they had lots of possession they hardly outclassed us (You had you laugh at Fergies post match 6-0 comments - if my uncle had t*ts he'd be my aunt)...

    I don't think we can complaining about the defeat...some very poor defending on our part but 6 mins for a game where there seemed to be little time wasting and injuries is a joke...especially Fergies griining face with his arm around the 4th official at the end... I feel another Benitez rant coming on ...

    This time two weeks ago I'd happily have taken a draw against United and Arsenal so in my book we are one point up :-)

  2. man city score 89:55
    Game restarted 91:01
    Substitution= + 30 seconds
    Extra time should therefore be played to 95:36 Goal scored at 95:28

  3. Extra time of 4 minutes added after our goal as you said it was scored before 90 minutes was up, so even with ur 30 seconds sub even though it didnt take that long it still should have finished at 94:30, I thank you.

  4. Not being bitter about the result, we didn't deserve anything if you actually read you would have already seen that. Just a bit annoyed how the result happened.

    P.S. Any idiot comments like the one that was posted will be deleted, if your not clever enough to leave a proper comment without swearing then do not bother.

  5. How many of the top teams play poorly and still win? Lots that is why they are top teams. We did nothing wrong today, not at out best but we scored 3 goals and missed one sitter which would have took us 2-1 into half time. Second half we were under the cosh but thats what can happen when you are playing the champions at their ground. We still managed to score two goals from two chances which is very promising. Then of course we were denied a point by 4 minutes of added time (for what reason I am unsure as no physio on all half) which was somehow extended to 6 after several dubious free kick awards. And to add insult to injury after whethering the storm 2nd half they receive a free kick for a blantant dive with the referee 10 yards away and score the third - you could tell from the player reactions it was a dive yet after they score the ref seems to run away with the united players like he's part of the team. Corrupt disgusting and quite frankly incidents that will make us stronger whatever obstacles they put in our way we will overcome them.

  6. I think we did lots of things wrong, I really don't know what you have been watching to get the opinion we did nothing wrong.

    Utd are a top team and didn't play poorly and still won, why didn't they play poor if good teams win anyway?

  7. My point was if a good team plays poorly but still gains points then that is why they are top teams. We did this today and should have earned a point but I did not really understand your response to be honest.

  8. absolutely gutted after the game ......but can now see some positives.
    1) If you had offerd me 7 goals for and a +ve goal difference from the two games against arsenal and utd, i would definitely have taken it.
    2) Bellamy - has to be in the form of his life, as someone said on the tv, finally in a team that he thinks deserves him.
    3) three times behind and recovered each time - that's a team with real heart and spirit.
    4) we now have real competition for places, SWP, Ireland and Richards must all be under pressure - with Weiss, Robinho, Adebayor, Onouha and Zab all (nearly) ready and waiting.

  9. Inability to use the large chunk of luck u had today cost u the game not the refs.The meanest defence last season wouldnt have behaved like this some other day.Except the goals tell me how many decent chances u ...maybe three compare it with ur chances and offensive play.Coming to favouritism part lets talk the RAfa way here . Ur goal cebration was in the extra time add to it a substitution + shay given wasting time all this would have generally accounted to 1.5mins in refs eyes . So he played that extra mins . Correct me if I am wrong . Most f these articles are simply because many f the wastelanders can't digest the fact their luck on the day had finally run out

  10. Ryan you said we did nothing wrong, when we did.

    We didn't even play well enough to deserve a point, we should have got one but we didn't play well enough to earn it.

    Anon I absolutely agree that the players mentioned are under pressure.

  11. Ashwin did you even read the article, it seems not.

  12. Black Sheep Radical20 September 2009 at 21:59

    Football died a bit for me today. There's no way the referee would have been justified adding on 2 minutes, let alone 4. So it came as no surprise to me that he simply continued the match until the rags scored a winner. He played nearly seven minutes of non-existent injury time FFS. That's not a mistake, nor an equipment failure - they do have more than one watch, right? - it's something far more sinister than that. Whether directly via bungs, or indirectly through bullying and coercion Manchester United have prevailed, as it seems they always will.

    You can be equally sure, by the way, that nothing will come of any investigation into Javier Garrido being struck by a coin and that Craig Bellamy will be summarily hung out to dry for some altercation with some Kentish rag after the game. I hope Bellamy knocked his stupid inbred head off.

    One law for the scum, one law for the rest of us.

  13. How bitter. Clearly you didn't watch MOTD2 which worked out just how much time City wasted and that wasn't including all the time Given took over his goal kick.

    You got absolutely BATTERED in the second half and had your players not been so giddy after equalising, the referee wouldn't have added on the extra minute.

    Aww, never mind. 4-3 in your cup final.

  14. MOTD2 worked out that the whistle should have been blown before you scored! You did batter us and like I said in my article that you have not read, we didn't deserve anything.

    I also think that you would be a little bit disgruntled by it if you manage to score 3 goals at Old Trafford and then that happens.

    Our cup final? Do not think so, we have lots of cup finals on the way, as scoring 3 goals at Old Trafford proved.

  15. Good article Gary ... sums up the robbery well.

    I can't help but think that introducing Zabaleta for Ireland sometime before the dive which lead to the third goal would have given a whole different perspective to the way we handled the last 20 minutes.

    PS: Has anyone seen anything of what is to happen over Garrido being struck at half time?

  16. Nothing as of yet, of course they have been quick to investigate Bellamy though.

  17. how obvious is it to any neutral that man city are being hunted down by the football institute with thier funny hand shakes. oh by the way, the comment about the red scumbags not being underdogs in ones lifetime R.I.P you pig ignorant bas####

  18. Is the Ashwin comment available in English?

  19. Black Sheep Radical

    Was that a spelling mistake or did you mean Kentish?

  20. Can everyone stop bleating about MOTD 2. Fact in any other game there is no way there would have been over 2 minutes never mind 4, but if all the in-breds believe MOTD2 then why was there only 4 minutes ? 4 goals second half, 3 subs a few fouls, then why not 7 minutes. Also if e are adding a minute for Bellamys goal why not extra minute for Owen. Its all one sided and always has been. Like watching united play, hate with a vengance their based UK (not Manchester) TV supporters.