Friday, 11 September 2009

Awesome City Video!

I was just watching City videos as per usual on YouTube and found the following video, I liked it and thought it was worth sharing.


  1. very very cool,
    whats goin to happen this year!

  2. Excellent vid that, made my evening.
    Even seeing the play off scences for the 1000th time it still gives me the shivers :-)))

  3. Anonymous, what's going to happen this year?? A piddling Europa spot at best, I'd say..

  4. First why don't you state who you support. And then explain why after winning all of our competitive games you came to that conclusion.

  5. blackburn,pompey,wolves? wow so hard it's been for you lot. city is a disgrace

  6. fantastic!!!!!! The wembley game always gives me shivers too, I am lucky I was there. The Blackburn game I love cos I cudnt get tickets so me and me bro's and dad sat on Manc Hill, (ha ha what a name), but got on the pitch at the end. Too long since we had a trophey for our struggles.

    Blackburn, Pompey, Wolves????

    Guess we havent played Burnley yet, that will be the test!? Bloody Rags!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Scotty dog,

    What a load of old shite. You had to show all the United players scoring for you....Law, Tevez...shall we go on. Hahahaha. When you've won something sunshine, other than a shoeshine, come and have a chat to us and the boys in Red will let you in on the secret and KEEPING IT ONCE YOU"VE WEON IT!!! HAhahahaha!


    Rich D'. Red Always............

  8. Superbly put together. A load of 'edge of seat' memories here. You guys did a brilliant job.
    Forever BLUE.
    The Phoenix is rising.
    Rob Fielding.

    PS Check out this site
    Look at gallery 11

  9. 'city is a disgrace' must be a fuckin rag with that English, surely a Manc would say 'are a disgrace'! Twat!

  10. piss off to your own site u jelous munich wankers

  11. Such a sad sad time when arseholes have to come on here and post comments from other teams.

    Why do you watch the video if you don't follow CITY???
    I would never look at a video of the red shite.

    Shows how childish and stupid some people can be.

  12. Manchester City are the new side to beat, Derby day disaster coming next week for United...


  13. THAT is the BEST City bit of History I have watched for ages. Put a smile on my face from the beginning to the end. This year will be interesting, it always is with City ! Beaten Arsenal today 4 - 2 although it sounds like we were outplayed for a lot of the game, so just wait till we hit our stride !

  14. Anyone else noticed the rags commenting on here. God they must be bored of their own blog sites already or maybe they're just a little scared of us now. LOL.