Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Man City 3 - 1 West Ham ( Tevez 5', Cole 24', Petrov 32', Tevez 61') *Video*

City win again and with the teams around us winning at the weekend, it was an important one if we are to stay in the hunt for the top four and even the league title.

Our first goal was scored by Carlos Tevez, Petrov breaking down the left to leave the Argentine with an easy tap in. Our second goal was scored by Petrov himself, with the Bulgarian scoring directly from a free kick. The game was pretty much wrapped up when Tevez headed home from a City free kick. Goals below!

We played quite well for most of the game last night, there were brief periods where we let West Ham have a bit of control but nothing to worrying. We were just to good for the hammers, they had no where near as much quality as us and it was that simple. Not to say West Ham didn't play some good stuff because they did, it was just that there good stuff was no match for ours.

A lot of people are talking about Petrov's influence last night, he was great in the first half but was anonymous in the second, I do think he did enough for Hughes to keep him in the team though. Tevez and Bellamy were also brilliant last night and caused West Ham countless problems, they just could not handle them. Nigel de Jong also put in another sterling performance last night and won the midfield battle by himself, there is no way he is losing his place anytime soon.

Although we are winning game after game, It is obvious that City can still get a lot better. You can see that if they wanted to they could easily go up a couple gears and when that finally happens someone is going to get hammered big time.

Good times for us blues at the moment and I don't think that feeling is going to change anytime soon, the blue machine marches on!



  1. Politely disagree with you re: Petrov's second half performance. While he he did not go on many barnstorming runs he continued to be a threat with his link up play and should have scored when some one-touch passing put in him on goal but unfortunately it was on his right foot which I'm almost certain he only uses for standing. He always offered an outlet when we won the ball and he hit some very astute crossfield balls to Zaby, helping us retain possession and kill off the game.

    Personally my huge concern with City at the moment is we seem to come out completely flat at the start of the 2nd half in almost every game. We've gotten away with it, even against Man U, but it needs to be addressed or we will get punished for it.

  2. I have to politely disagree back lol Petrov was absolutely no where to be seen second half. I do not remember to many cross field balls in the second half.

    Infact like the City fanatical saddo I am, I watched the game on ESPN today and it seem to show what I seen when I was at the match.

    I wasn't trying to get on his back or anything, just I'm not going to get excited about him again just yet. Not yesterday but his passing can be very poor at times and my number one hate about him is that he is like a little girl when it comes to a tackle. I can't count how many times he flinches in a game.

  3. I was at the match also Gary.Unfortunatly for all his pace and skills Petrov cannot defend, there was one point where he blatently lost the ball in a dangerous situation and then flung himself on the floor for 5 minutes with a feined knee Injury.In my opinion he can be used against the lower sides from the off ,but against the likes of liverpool aston villa not a chance.

  4. MCFC for life, says the puertorican (wary)