Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Man City 2 - 0 Bolton (Tevez 32' pen, Adebayor 73')*Video*

Another regular performance at best, but another three points none the less.

Our first goal was a penalty, Adam Johnson won the penalty and Carlos Tevez just about scored it. Our second was scored by Emmanuel Adebayor, Vieira pinged a ball over the top to Ade which he then finished emphatically. Goals and highlights below!!!

We were not impressive last night by any stretch of the imagination and if we are to continue to win games we will have to play a lot better.

It made me laugh a little when I heard Owen Coyle say that Bolton made us look average for large parts of the game, sorry to break this to you Owen but we made ourselves look average, playing well we would have hammered Bolton. To be fair to Owen Coyle he is probably not the only manager that has thought his team has done well against us this season when really we are playing badly; we need to stop teams thinking that by playing better otherwise they come to play us with a lot more confidence.

Our players were not really at fault for our performance last night they all played OK, the main reason we were bad was because we were set up wrong again. Ade and Tevez were continuously on the flanks instead of being in the middle and Adam Johnson had to play on both sides of the pitch. We were badly lacking an extra wide man whilst at the same time being overloaded in midfield, I ideally wanted to see SWP come on at half time but it didn't happen, when he did come on it proved that Mancini should have started with him because he made a difference.

We need to start playing with a balanced team because we look much more of a threat when we do, playing a 4-4-2 with our two inform strikers would suit us down to the ground at the minute and in the next game I hope to see us line up with two wingers in the side.

Now to our home debutant's, I thought that Vieira was only good in patches and basically his only contribution to the game was the pass for Adebayor's goal, I think he could get better for us though because he does not look match fit at all. Then there was Adam Johnson, he was fantastic for us last night and is certainly a bargain considering all the money that we have spent lately. A lot of City fans I know were questioning why we didn't wait until the end of the season and get him for free and I did say to them that you bring players like him in as soon as you can because it is to risky to leave it until he has options, I think that last night he proved that spending money on him was definitely the right decision.

P.S. Just to let you know, there is not long left before the draw is done to determine who wins the free City top, if you don't know about it you can see the details by clicking the following link,

Goals and highlights.

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