Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bridge over troubled waters!!! *Video*

Chelsea 2 - 4 Man City
Lampard 42', Tevez 45', Bellamy 51', Belletti s/o 75', Tevez 76'(pen), Ballack s/o 81', Bellamy 87', Lampard 90'(pen).

What a win! That's six points off arguably one of the best teams in Europe this season, we needed to win that game and for a change we did it! BRILLIANT!!!!

Tevez and Bellamy both got two goals a piece today, Tevez managed to equalise for us right before half time before Bellamy finished off a good counter just after half time to put us in front. Tevez then converted a penalty after Gareth Barry was brought down, Bellamy rounded the game off after finishing off a move forward that he was involved in starting. Goals below!!!!

Finally City gave us a pick up, we played reasonably well today although I still think we can play better, I think beating Chelsea when we are not on the very top of our game proves how good we can be. When we went one nil down I thought it was undeserved, we were not playing well going forward but neither were Chelsea, thankfully Tevez put us back on terms before the break. I have to say Tevez's equaliser certainly made us book our ideas up in the second half, we started off well with Bellamy putting us ahead and then we continued to improve.

I have already seen a lot of Chelsea fans say that they played badly but I think we had something to do with that, Drogba for starters was not allowed to get away with bullying our defence, Lescott, Kompany and Richards gave him a taste of his own medicine and muscled him.

The defence was excellent all game and as well as keeping Drogba contained they made sure that Anelka, Cole, Malouda and then Kalou and Sturridge were not effective going forward. I have to say it looks like Kompany and Lescott have answered the call for better performances from our centre backs based on their few performances when they have played together.

This was just the sweetest result today, we have managed to beat an excellent team away from home, Sturridge played against us and was beaten, Terry got one shoved up him for a change and most importantly we have taken three points. It couldn't have really worked out better for us!

We should be full of confidence now and have a renewed sense of vigour in our quest for fourth, I am starting to get confident again I probably shouldn't but oh well carpe diem, COME ON CITY!!!!! CTID.

*Not many decent videos available yet, this may need time to load for you*

P.S. Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately but I have had some obstacles to get past in my private life lately.


  1. Great result!

    Not sure I agree about Richards. I thought his decision making process was flawed, gave away far too many free kicks and Anelka went past him time and time again.

    I got a good feeling from the off as we pressed Chelsea and didn't allow them to settle on the ball. The Tevez equaliser was crucial.

    Well done boys, I can't wait for MOTD to watch it again!!


  2. Richards was annoying me when it came to Anelka as well tbh, he kept positioning himself in a way that suggested he was trying to make Anelka go that way. Anelka was just side stepping all the time but Ricahrds kept doing it, it is down to learning he will soon correct that.

    Apart from that he certainly wasn't intimidated by Chelsea's attack and got stuck into them, Drogba inparticular. He didn't make any bad mistakes and was solid overall.

  3. Thought Barry was magnificent.

    Bridge, Lescott and Kompany first class and the whole team's efforts excellent.

    Richards did look a little slow to me, but only when compared to Anelka who we all know can be extremely quick.

    Dare we dream for 4th place - yes and if we get it and you decide to change your blog name - perhaps "Who needs Robinho?" could be appropriate.