Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hull 2 -1 Man City (Altidore 31', Boateng 54', Adebayor 59')

Total rubbish, I can't believe how bad we were again today! We have to beat teams like Hull if we are to finish fourth.

We were poor today and I think it had a lot to do with the team selection. Mancini should have started with SWP and Johnson, we lacked width throughout. I thought the whole point in signing Johnson was to have an equal balance on each side of the pitch, so why those two players didn't start is beyond me.

As well as not being tactically set up properly we lacked any kind of fight, Hull wanted it more than us and got stuck in to us, something that we did not do. Every second ball was won by Hull, our passing was terrible and basically we lacked any conviction in all areas of the field.

After not starting with a positive attacking team I thought that Mancini changed things to late, Bellamy and Ireland who have both been poor in recent weeks should have been replaced sooner. When he did make some changes I felt he made the wrong ones, SWP should have definitely been brought on but he didn't do it.

I was surprised to see Petrov brought on before SWP considering how bad he is, I don't know why Mancini can't see that Petrov is not good enough, he won't tackle, he doesn't track back and he doesn't even do what he is best at and run at people all that often anymore.

As you can see by the way I have sporadically vented my frustration, I am very bitter and disappointed with the result. It is just not good enough though, sometimes it seems like it is only us fans who can see the problems that could be easily fixed.

We have a real shot at fourth but if we carry on playing like this then we can forget about that, I think that Mancini should have a training session or two based on attitude and work rate because both of those things certainly need some work.

Yet again we have to look to our next game to get back on track, as always and maybe stupidly I believe we can do that.


  1. Oh mate when are you going to change the name of your'e blog????/?/?

  2. You seem to be a big fan so why not 'We've got Petrov'?

  3. Completely true about City, so dissapointed we failed to capitalise on teams around us on poor form. Not sure Petrov's that bad mind, though I probably would've brought on SWP.

  4. My blog name will be changed soon dude, it is just finding the time to get it done at the moment.

    To the 3rd anon post, Petrov is quite bad. When we first got him at City he was electric and because of his great attacking nobody really noticed where he lacked in certain areas, now that he isn't even attacking that well anymore he is being found out.

  5. to negative not sure if mancini was the right man to replace mh