Sunday, 14 February 2010

Frustration is mounting!

The way the team are performing at the minute is really annoying City fans, we are used to City teams that attack and that is just not what Mancini is setting out to do at the moment.

Apart from the first couple of games under Mancini City fans have been angry to see our style of play, we are very flat and not exciting to watch or more simply we are an Italian team playing in the Premier League.

We want attacking football at City because that is what we are used to, you could argue that watching slightly boring football that is effective is not so bad except it isn't effective!

I could not believe it when I saw that we were only starting with one striker yesterday, we shouldn't be playing a lone front man at home against any team particularly one that isn't top notch opposition. Adebayor was receiving the ball but then had nobody there to pass to, it was a pathetic decision by Mancini.

When Mancini first came I was very pleased with his tactical decisions because he was doing things that we used to want Hughes to do, Mancini seems to have taken some backward steps since arriving though. When he did change it yesterday he didn't even have any options on the bench that would positively affect the game apart from Santa Cruz who played well after coming on, it left me asking why he has allowed the likes of Weiss, Benjani and even Donal McDermott to go out on loan.

He seems scared to play a proper formation and line up, why not use your strengths to good effect? We have two good English wingers now who know that in the Prem they will have to work back, then play just two defensive midfielders and I am sure that we would have enough to help out defensively. Instead Mancini wants to only think about not conceding before the plans how to score a goal come in to his thoughts, why I do not know!

You can take these problems right back to why Hughes was sacked, we certainly didn't play like this under him that's for sure. Hughes would never have been so negative and these performances of late cement the fact that he should not have been sacked.

Will the owners see fit for Mancini to be sacked after some dodgy performances, who knows.


  1. Lol

    Love seeing how riled city fans get at the smallest things

    Relax- no matter how much he irates you, within 5 years you will have won the league

    (But only as you bought it)

  2. You can't judge Mancini until the end of next season, simple as that. A manager can't come in and work miracles with a squad assembled by the previous gaffer. This season's solely about him assessing the squad, assuming the board do see him as the man long-term.

    I don't buy the "we absolutely have to get 4th" stuff. We're playing poorly, but then so are Spurs, and Villa, and Liverpool. It happens at this part of the season. It's about playing below par and winning.

    Also, Mancini's formation yesterday was about as attacking as he could have gone with Tevez, Bellamy and Johnson unavailable and Santa Cruz still not fit. Ireland, Petrov, SWP + Adebayor in one side, no qualms there, in my opinion, though obviously his footballing mentality in other games has been a bit too Italian.

    We need to not start being reactionary. Eight wins and a draw in his first twelve games is a great start. There will inevitably be teething problems. When he has a set of players he trusts we'll play better.

    More than anything the manager can do, what's appeared obvious to me over recent weeks is that several of Hughes' buys just can't be arsed or aren't good enough for the job.

  3. Adebayor - get rid
    Petrov - get rid
    Bridge - get him on the bench
    Toure - get him on the bench

    Boyata - get him in the team

    Dunne - get him back from Villa!
    Vidic - get him from United
    Ribery - get him from Munich

  4. I certainly think Mancini's tactics can already be judged because he is not using very good ones. I think Mancini is a good manager but he is being very naive with the way he is approaching games lately.

    I am not getting on his back nor do I want him sacked, I just want him to start understanding the English game a bit better, something which he was doing when he first got to the club.

  5. Mancini can't be blamed for the likes of Barry and Zabaleta not being up to scratch. I'll go along with the notion that he was too negative in his line up for the Bolton game but yesterday we put out an attack minded team that just didn't want to attack in numbers- was that "tactics", not got a clue but it made for a shite performance.

    If we get shut of Mancini any time between now and the start of next season, it'll make the sacking of Hughes the most ridiculous decision we've made in years. What is the point of getting shot of a boss half way through a season only to bring in another supposed top manager and get shut of him after 6 months? Stability is the key and like it or leave it, Mancini should be given at least the same amount of time Hughes was.

  6. No P4 and Mancini will be toast, simple as that. THe Sheik bought us as a marketing exercise to promote his Emirate. Buy the right manager and players, you win things, which is the Chelski model. Mancini may get the chance to buy his own players in the summer break.

  7. I cant believe how negative people are being about City. Look at our position in the league and the 2 cup runs weve been on and tell me your its not the best footballing position weve been in, in years!!!

    Firstly the Hughes sacking was unfair and most City fans agree with that but its gone and in the past so leave that be.

    Secondly lets not start turning into those red fans in trafford who after 1 loss start calling for fergie's head because we're better than that!

    On the performance side no we arent playing as well or as attacking as we usually do or have done in the past but i think not only is that due to tactics it has allot to do with injuries, fitness, tiredness of certain players but mainly i think its a lack of form. Gareth Barry and Wayne Bridge had there best games for a long time so thats saying allot considering we didnt play very well. But i say get off there backs and let the team and the manager do there job, at the end of the season we will be in a european comp which one i dont know yet but next season i think we will be a different side all together!

    Also whoever said we would be buying the league....hasnt every team except arsenal had to spend massive ammounts on their squads to buy the league? We are just doing the same but having to play catch up!


  8. typical city-fan negativity. i am sick of hearing whinging moaning losers going on about not being exciting enough. if we want to win anything we have to toughen up. mancini is the man to win us trophies.

    by the way bellamy was injured, tevez away, johnson cup-tied. he started with adebayor, swp and petrov so what exactly are you on about?