Thursday, 3 October 2013

Man City 1 - 3 Bayern Munich

All the headlines are about how good Bayern were tonight and rightly so, we didn't help ourselves though and made it easier for them than it should of been.

It is always a pleasure to get to watch great teams like Bayern and that was certainly the case tonight, they shown us why they are the champions of Europe, they totally outclassed us.

Whilst Bayern are obviously more than capable of beating the best teams regardless of their opponents form, we did help to make it look a lot easier to roll us over tonight, we didn't even try and compete at times and the tactics were all wrong.

The evening started with confusion as to why Micah Richards was playing ahead of Zabaleta, I am a Richards fan but he has been out far to long for him to return in a game against Bayern Munich, Pellegrini's first mistake.

Then the game started and it was immediately obvious that Bayern were far stronger than us in midfield, they always had an extra man and for some reason Pellegrini did not address this, his second mistake.

We went in at half time just one nil down and with the game still there for the taking it was time for Pellegrini to replace some of his under performing players, but for some unknown reason it did not happen, third mistake.

The second half started and considering no changes were made at half time it was the same scenario, badly lacking in midfield and a lot of below par players still on the pitch. It took Pellegrini 70 minutes before he brought on Milner, finally we had someone willing to work hard on the pitch but it was to little to late, this change could of easily been made after 20 minutes.

So basically from that brief run down of Pellegrini's mistakes you can see I am putting a lot of the blame on him and I think deservedly so. He should of counter acted Bayerns formation, everyone in the ground could see it apart from him, for me this guy is no better than Mancini. I am not calling for his head or anything and he does need time, but regardless what direction the team takes under his guidance, I  don't think the powers that be should have got rid of Mancini.

Now to the players, things need to change, we cant keep flipping between being a great team to be being a mediocre team all the time just because certain players decide they can't be bothered, if it doesn't change then we can forget about any success this season.

Hart, Nasri, Toure, Fernandinho and Dzeko in particular were terrible. Hart needs dropping it is that simple, his mistakes tonight ultimately lost us the game, it is happening far to often now. He needs a reality check in a big way, he needs to forget about his shampoo adverts and worry about regaining the form that led him to being our countries number one.

Nasri reverted back to his effort lacking, tackle dodging, uninterested self again tonight and contributed absolutely nothing.

Toure as I have pointed out before is one of the most laziest players I have seen, he frustrates me like no other player ever has, he has proven he has quality but far to often he is missing in games and it is about time he started getting the finger pointed at him more often.

Fernandinho, admittedly I don't think this lad knows where he is supposed to be playing or what his role is in the team and that is the managers fault, saying that though nothing about him suggests he is worth close to 30 million.

Last to get picked out tonight is Dzeko, this lad does not care about wearing our shirt, he is a big lazy fairy. I really wanted to see Dzeko come good but it doesn't seem like it is ever going happen, he strolls around the pitch looking totally uninterested, he doesn't chase down defenders, he doesn't commit to tackles and in general just does not care, not to mention he has got a worse first touch than most 6 year olds. This lad needs a real dressing down and if he doesn't like it then he needs to be sold, we can't carry these prima donnas anymore.

It is unbelievable to me that the likes of Milner can't get in the team ahead of some of these guys, not to mention that Barry wasn't even deemed good enough to stay at the club, maybe Pellegrini doesn't like honest, hard working players or maybe they are just not big enough in terms of names for him.

All in all it was an all round bad night for us, everyone can take some blame, even us as fans because we were rubbish. At the moment it is not panic stations as far as the champions league is concerned, the big picture though would suggest that we need to get consistent immediately or we can forget all about any trophies.

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