Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chelsea 2 - 1 Man City *Goals and Highlights*

Well we have seen some bad away results this season but this has to be the worst considering the manner in which we lost, we played well today and it would have been deserved had we won the game.

I will start with the mess up that lost us the game, with the game at 1-1 a harmless ball over the top somehow ended with the ball in the back of the net. Nastasic was running on to the ball watching it come over his shoulder with Torres on his tail, as long as Hart was stood in his area the danger would be averted, for some reason Hart wasn't stood in his area. Instead Hart decided to charge out of his area towards the ball when all he had to do was stand still and wait for Nastasic to nod it back to him, Nastasic did indeed head the ball back but past the on rushing Hart, leaving Torres to run on and score.

I have heard many different opinions on who was at fault already, I am sticking the blame firmly with Hart. It was easy to see what was going to happen all he had to do is wait for Nastasic to head it back. I think the people blaming Nastasic are wrong to do so, it looks like he could of changed where he headed it when you watch it but it happens a lot quicker than that and he would of been more concerned about not missing the header whilst expecting his keeper to be waiting to receive it.

As well as that mistake I wasn't pleased with Chelsea's first goal, Clichy was beaten far too easily and it was too simple for Schurrle to trick Demichelis with his movement as well. Well I am talking about Clichy he hasn't been himself for some time now, he looks sluggish and easy to beat, he was integral when we won the title and I am a really big fan of his, I think he is a victim of rotation and I hope he returns to full form soon.

Back to the game, apart from the horrific mistake at the end, we were superb. We controlled large parts of the game and man for man we were the better team. Pellegrini made the right decision by putting extra men in midfield although he put one to many in there for me, because I think with two up top we would have had the game sewn up, that is by the by though because we did play well enough to win the game regardless of that.

We played really well as a unit today, everyone was playing for each other and out working the opposition, the midfield particularly were better than I have seen them for a long time, with the stand out performance in my opinion coming from Fernandinho. Three Brazilians were on show today and Ferna was the one that stood out, he never stopped running from front to back, he was getting stuck in and constantly cutting short Chelsea's momentum. He has been getting better and better lately and if he continues he will justify his price tag.

Then there is Sergio Aguero, apparently his weakness is his left foot, for him to play as a lone striker was a worry, what a load of rubbish! This lad is phenomenal, defence's cannot live with him, he has everything a world class striker needs and he is improving all the time, for me he is easily one of the best three strikers in the world. I would give him another new contract now because he is definitely an important part of our future.

To sum it up, we were solid today and for me we deserved at the very least a point from the game, the performance was encouraging and if we continue in this vein of form we will soon have made up the six point deficit, keep the games coming CTID.

Goals and Highlights.

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