Saturday, 16 March 2013

No.6 Italy and Rolando Bianchi

At number six in my top ten viewers is Italy and the player I have chosen for them is Rolando Bianchi.

Bianchi signed for City in 2007 on the back of a great goalscoring campaign in Serie A, unfortunately his goal scoring exploits came to a halt when he came to the Premier League.

Although Bianchi was popular with the City fans he was not able to settle in England and returned to Serie A in January when he signed for Lazio on loan. Lazio did not sign Bianchi on a permanent deal and he instead signed for his current club Torino on a five year deal.

It is a shame that Bianchi could not settle, I think we were all waiting for him to get used to the pace of the Prem but it never came. Although he is currently playing in Serie B, Bianchi is doing good at Torino and is extremely popular there.


  1. Dont get this at all. I'd be hard pressed to find any City fan that warmed to him. Simply not upto the job and even Lazio realised this - hence Serie B

  2. Balotelli has done more in 3 months

  3. I love an indepth story! How many goals,games etc etc, however this isnt one of them, bit lazy if u ask me.

  4. Good player who, unfortunately, is used to playing in a set up with another striker alongside him but had a fall out with Sven almost immediately and was promptly shipped to the bench and used as a rare lone striker on his own which is why he looked so poor at City. He was and remains a good player! He was prolific last season in Italy and although he is playing in Serie B at the moment, I know at least two Serie A sides are looking at him including Inter Milan. I liked him and it was a shame he couldn't settle!

  5. To the first comment, if you don't know a City fan that warmed to Bianchi, then you obviously were not around on match days much when he was there.

    Anthony,it isn't a story for a start and is not meant to be a deep analysis of Bianchi's career, which is why it isn't. Seems like you just wanted to snipe in my opinion to be honest.

    Email me any time and I will gladly send you stats of any player you wish, I tend to not be a lazy fan and am constantly reviewing how current and past players are doing, or of course you could stop being lazy and do it yourself.

  6. If i did it myself i wunt be readin yours would i? So less of the smart arse comments, U say ur letting us now how players are playing , well without stats how do we know. Dont worry i wont click on the newsnow link anymore.