Friday, 5 April 2013

Carlos Rooney has transfer request rejected

This is an absolute joke, this is exactly what Wayne Rooney did to Utd. Tevez's agent's are having a laugh, City won't renegotiate his contract mid season so they have told him to put a transfer request in.

Why they have to go down this route is beyond me, it is obvious that if they waited until the end of the season when the club is not concentrating on winning titles that Carlos would be rewarded with a pay rise considering the way he is playing.

My phone has been going all morning over this and the reaction from most of my pals is that we should tell his agents to get someone to give us fifty million and he can walk. I am angry but I am not sure how to feel about Tevez at the moment, I would like to see him release a statement on the back of this.

Here is the statement from the club which I am very happy with because they have made it as clear as day what the motive is.

It is with disappointment that we confirm to our supporters that Carlos Tevez has submitted a written transfer request. The Club can also confirm that the request has been rejected.
The Club remains disappointed by this situation and particularly with the actions of Carlos' representative.

Roberto Mancini and all at the Club have shown, and will continue to show, sensitivity to Carlos' personal circumstances including the issue of his family being based overseas. Indeed following his suspension as a result of the game against Bolton, Carlos requested, and was given, special dispensation by the Manager to take leave overseas.

The written transfer request is in stark contrast to Carlos' stated position in both public and club contexts. Significantly, over recent months, the Club has also received numerous requests from Carlos’ representative to renegotiate and improve his playing contract as well as more recently a request to extend that contract by another year.

However, in line with the Club's policy of not negotiating playing contracts mid-season this has not been granted. Carlos' current five-year contract has three-and-a-half years to run and he is the highest paid player at the Manchester City Football Club.

This is both an unfortunate and unwelcome distraction and the Club will remain focused on the games ahead in what is turning out to be a very promising season. The door remains open for Carlos to be selected to play.


  1. I just hope that the statement from the club is what has been happening and this isn't another gary cook moment

  2. balaclavas and bats at the ready lads? I don't think so.Lets show some dignity and show him the door. But only if the price is right. I'm sure Roberto is already plotting his replacement, because he won't stand for this kind of crap.

  3. Have to back the manager, we are just (since Fulham away) starting to see what a class act as a manager / coach Mancini is and need to back him come what may. No player is bigger than the club.

  4. I second that; support mancini he will get us there in the end. We have all questioned tactics when play was negative. Personally I think he isn't afraid to drag us back to basics when he needs to. Great management and only time will allow him to stamp his authority. To tevez: we want you here but if money is not the reason then you must go but not now in the summer. Take leave if you have to but also you need to stay professional about this, it's your job. Your agent just wants to make more out of you can't you see that?

  5. Yeah I think your right lads, Mancini is starting to gain my trust a lot more as the weeks go by.

    Obviously Tevez does not want to leave if he has asked for a longer contract, it is his agents doing end of. They have seen Rooney manipulate utd and they are doing the same.

    It is right that Tevez should be put on par with someone like Rooney but they should respect the clubs policy of concentrating on football during the season, I am glad the club have stuck to their guns on that one.

  6. Latest - a throw away line at the end of the coverage of Tottenham Chelski this evening that apparently Tevez has released a statement today saying he will not play for the club again. Certain that someone else is speaking for him.............