Friday, 19 April 2013

Poor excuses, who can replace him?

Tevez has released a statement, a statement that I am not buying into all that much.

First the statement.
"Since signing for Manchester city, I have enjoyed playing for the supporters. They have welcomed me to the club and I regret that it has come to this.

"They deserve success as reward for their passionate and patient support. The club is very fortunate to have supporters like these. Anybody who has watched me play for Manchester City cannot question my commitment and passion for the club whenever I have worn the shirt.

"However, I can confirm I have handed a transfer request to the chairman of Manchester City Football Club. Now I need to clear my head and think because this is an important part of my career. My feelings have not changed and it is regrettable we have reached this situation but It is something I have felt for some time and have spent many hours thinking this through.

"I wanted to leave in the summer, but was convinced to return to the club. Sadly, my feelings have not changed. I hugely resent the management's suggestions that I have been unduly influenced by others. It was my decision and mine alone. I am disappointed that the management should now see fit to try to portray the situation in another light.

"My relationship with certain executives and individuals at the club has broken down and is now beyond repair. I do not wish to expand on this at this stage. They know, because I have told them. I wish to clarify that I have no personal issue with the manager Roberto Mancini.

"I could have signed an improved contract, offered by the club during this season; however this decision is not about money. I have made that clear to both the board and the management on several occasions. The owner has been very generous with what he has offered to me. I would like to thank Sheik Mansour for his understanding and support.

"I want to thank the supporters for making me welcome at Manchester City and hope they agree I have given my all for the club on the pitch."

Right for a start these people that he has fell out with, if it isn't the manager then why should it concern him so much, secondly I would 99% guarantee that the owners would get rid of directors and any one else who is insignificant in the grand scheme of things before they let Tevez walk.

It sounds to me like the best excuse he could come up with, I love Tevez as do we all but he has potentially just ruined our season with his stupid actions.

His statement and the clubs statement totally contradict each other, the club say he wanted a new deal, he says he turned one down, the City circus is well and truly back in town.

I do hope it can be sorted out and Tevez stays but if not who can we bring in to replace him? We will need a top class striker to score the goals he scores and there isn't that many around, especially ones that will be easy to get.

Obviously Real Madrid and Barcelona will probably come knocking and if they do then I would be asking for their star players in return. Ronaldo? Messi? Ibrahimovic will definitely be thrown into the ring by Barca as they know Mancini likes him, saying that Milan have first refusal on him but then maybe that would mean the possibility of taking Pato from Milan.

I honestly think that Real Madrid will be front runners and asking for Ronaldo who I think could be swayed by massive money would be my first option, if that failed I would probably ask for Higuain in a loan swap so we can see if he can do it in the Prem before we commit to a deal, I also think that would be a realistic option.

I think all of our preferred choice would be to keep Carlos, but if not who would you go for?


  1. Higuain is out for months so forget that...

  2. "secondly I would 99% guarantee that the owners would get rid of directors and any one else who is insignificant in the grand scheme of things before they let Tevez walk"

    Not so sure I agree. For a start, I can't read "My relationship with certain executives and individuals at the club has broken down and is now beyond repair." as being directed at anyone but Garry Cook. And I have suspicions that actually Cook has a fair amount of regular contact with the players. Furthermore, I am really not sure that Mansour and Khaldoon would sack Garry Cook before letting Tevez go. I think that Cook has become part of "the Golden Trinity" for them, and they see him as no more dispensible than Mansour himself. In short, I see no way back than Tevez leaving because I don't think it's at all likely that Garry Cook's position will be under threat.

  3. "secondly I would 99% guarantee that the owners would get rid of directors and any one else who is insignificant in the grand scheme of things before they let Tevez walk."

    i 100% guarantee you are wrong.

  4. what don't you buy into?

    i missed the point

    city are a crisis club, i used to have alot of respect for them, producing good english footballers through the youh system now they have lost it

  5. I don't think I am wrong, Our owners are ruthless business men and would almost definitely take any action needed to be successful.

    I do think your probably right Falastur, Cook seems to be trusted by the owners but he is easy replaced, if it is Cook that is, I didn't want to jump to that conclusion just to be fair.

    The owners are surely going to have asked why he has been made to feel like his relationship with the club has been ruined, right?

    So considering Tevez has said the owners have been supporting him, I would guess it is not because Tevez has caused it.

    But yeah apart from Khaldoon if he is someone Tevez has fell out with, I would think directors would go before Tevez, because it is supposed to be about what happens on the pitch and he is a big part of what goes on when City play.

  6. I don't buy into Tevez's statement and his excuses, if you read down you can piece it together.;)

  7. Once again shooting ourselves in both feet! There was clearly something going on Friday - Cook and Mancini at the opening of the new business lounge for Etihad at Mcr airport, between relaxed press interviews Mancini was seen with Gary Cook in a side room having what looked like major discussions with Cook not looking at all happy. That guy is a complete clown and whilst no player is bigger than the club, cook has been nothing but an embarrasment to City and our fans. He is crass and unlikeable and I suspected this morning that the bullish press statement issued had his fingerprints all over it. Remember the statements about AC Milan bottling it?!?

  8. Andy Carrol! Let's add to English core and get a big man others can play off. Has scored as many prem goals as Tevez in a worse team. We need someone who can hit the ground running with prem experience if they are to join in Jan.

  9. Well Cook does have a track record if he is the problem but I think we will have to wait for concrete reports before throwing his name about to much, just incase although it is likely it is him.

    Carroll, not a bad shout I suppose but it might mean bringing Barton back to considering he sets up a lot of his goals :)

  10. "Right for a start these people that he has fell out with, if it isn't the manager then why should it concern him so much, "

    Exactly what I thought. Surely something major must have happened to make him want to leave. Can't be money coz he's at City for gods sake! He's our best player and is treated that way, he's captain, loved by the fans, etc. We're competing for the title and will be in the champs league next season without a doubt. What more can a player ask for? Him missing his family is understandable, but he said only last week he accepts this is something he has to deal with. If he gives up football in Europe and goes back to Argentina, fair enough, but that clearly isn't going to happen.

  11. I'm not really bothered about what Cook has or hasn't done. Since the end of last season Tevez has been an embarrassment off the field and as captain has done nothing to help improve clubs reputation. When he finally gives some decent press for club he goes and ruins it within days. Will ne a loss on pitch, bit certainly not off it.

  12. Yeah your right he probably won't go back to Argentina, infact he is supposed to be in Tenerife at the moment not Argentina, wonder why?

  13. But just imagine it, if the likes of baron can setup 10 for him imagine silva, AJ, Yaya and Milner could do. I guess we could have problems if he became mates with super Mario, I dread to think what they could get up to. He could move in with milner!

  14. Thomas I agree, just really disappointed that this all happens just as we seem to be hitting form and being talked up.

  15. let him go,there's no way back now. it was good while it lasted, but we will go on the club is bigger than any player. just hope baloteli stops acting like a 5yr old and knuckles down. how about van der varrt at spurs. he gives 100% every time i've seen him.

  16. Yeah something was destined to go wrong.

  17. couldn't agree more ANDY CARROL got to be very talented strong,fast,tall everything and with the service he would get at city hes a 25+ goals a season guy for sure plus hes english :D 20 mil would get him

  18. I think it's jumping to conclusions blaming Cook. He's not covered himself in glory in the early days but, by all accounts, he's respected in the position he holds. Unfortunately clubs need people like him now - it's likely he does a lot of good we don't see. It kills me to lose Carlito but we appear to have bent out backwards to keep him happy and he's done nothing to promote unity - quite the contrary. Who knows what we could achieve with everyone pulling in the right direction.

    I feel he's just one of those types of player that will always be unhappy about something, just like his mate Mascherano.

  19. Not sure who I would go for, I will leave that to people who know more than me to sort out.

    What I would do is let Tevez rot. If we don't players will continue to take the p**s out of us just as Robinho did (should that read Robinhood)

    If Tevez refuses to play for us he has broken his contract. Don't pay him but keep his registration and don't let him play for anyone else. Make his life hard or other players will do the same to us.

  20. Russ are you my Dad in disguise he said nearly word for word what you said.

    Give us a name Russ, must be a player you fancy having at City.

  21. To be honest Tevez can't have written that statement himself, he barely speaks English, let alone is articulate enough to have put this statement together. This is his agent talking, as simple as that.

    We should stand up to them and find out if he is available to play. If not then we have to suspend him without pay for breach of contract and sell him as soon as we can. He was a bench warmer at Utd because Fergie didn't trust him or his agent (mainly his agent), and he has used us to up his profile and we can't have any complaints until now either.

    Anyway the position is now untenable he says, so lets replace him in Jan, maybe push him out of the limelight but bring in two or three strikers and sell him off in summer. Torres and Carroll could hit the ground running because both are used to the Premiership, and if we also bring in Dzeko then we have replacements for Adebayor, RSC and Tevez all at once. We also have Balotelli (although he needs to calm down a bit) and Jo is also still at the club too (for now anyway) !

    It wouldn't be easy bringing so many new faces to the club part way through the season but we have a great squad developing, once we ship out the Hughes signings who won't (cannot) adapt to Mancini. If the above mentioned players go then Mancini can work on Balotelli and try to improve his mentality because he could be a worldbeater if he changes his outlook.

    Oh, and two Hughes signings who have what it takes, Kompany for captain and De Jong for vice captain please. I also hope that Zab is disgusted with how Tevez has acted this week !

  22. Fair enough that you believe Cook would be got rid of, Gary. I for my part disagree - I think his working relationship with Mansour and Khaldoon make him indispensible in their eyes. Just look at how he has somehow sailed through all his previous errors without so much as a tut before, even when the fans were calling loudly for his head. Any other owner would have sacked him, especially an owner making so many pains to make it clear that the fans' views are important.

    If I were a betting man I'd put a friendly tenner down that Cook will be at the club longer than Tevez, no matter how long Tevez stays for...

  23. The Moose Loosener13 December 2010 at 12:48

    Think your right about Madrid, but waaaaay off with the players being touted.... Ronaldo and money.... please be realistic, he is at Madrid for LIFE, and Higuain wont leave either, they wont let him! He's too damn good! Benzema is a more realistic player, especially as his career has been floundering. I think that Tevez needs to man up and stop being so soft, you signed a 5 year deal, if you missed home so much then why sign for 5 years.

    Once a RAG always a RAG.

  24. Cook can only do so much before he is moved on though, one of his mistakes is surely going to make the owner act. If it is Cook of course, something we have no proof of yet.

    As for Ronaldo, there was a few thoughts behind that. One being just to kinda say you want our star then we want yours, basically start mixing it up with the big boys a bit and not bow to them.

    Also Ronaldo is a person it is not unbelieveable to think he would come for more dosh. I really like my place of work but if another firm offered me double money then off I pop.

    As for Higuain, he is good and Real would probably want to keep him but his name is not as big as Tevez and those Spanish clubs are about making statements and ship people out lightning fast if a new big name is coming. Ibrahimovic was massive for Barca, then Villa goes there and Ibrahimovic was gone, just a recent example for you.

    Benzema, jury is out looked to be a world star but hasnt done it. I do believe your spot on that he is the realistic player, I would be quite sure that Real will offer him.