Friday, 12 March 2010

In it for the long run

Well for a long time now I have been getting told by other teams supporters that our owners will leave eventually, sorry guys but they have just proved again that they are here to stay.

As you have now probably heard (sorry been at work) our owners are set to spend a further one Billion Pounds on developing the area around Eastlands. I did write about this happening in Feb 2009 here, I wasn't sure if it was all to be believed back then but thankfully it was (roughly).

The money is expected to be spent on many things including a fan zone which is expected to be ready by next season, possible stadium expansion, a world class training complex and many other things that have not properly been disclosed yet.

This is great news for us, firstly it assures us that our owners are in Manchester for the long run and on top of that not only will the club benefit but the people of Manchester too.

This development process is sure to lead us to the top of the table when it comes to football clubs, it is still going to take time but I imagine that we will get there.

The best players in the world are surely going to want to come to the most outstanding set up in World football, will this dream ever end? I hope not!

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