Thursday, 25 March 2010

Everton result is a bad set back

Last nights result was a big blow to us, I should think we would have to win close to every remaining game to claim fourth place.

After last nights game the stats made good reading for City, bags more possession, more goal attempts, better passing percentage and so on.

So why did we lose? Maybe it was because the referee was rubbish or maybe you could just say it was one of those nights. Last night I would have used both of those excuses when I was fuming but after thinking about it when I had calmed down today, we lost because Everton had our number.

Every time an opposition team has us sussed we can't cope, we don't seem to be able to counter act the other teams game plan and to be honest it is getting annoying. I don't know why we can't because the quality we have in our squad suggests we should be able too, they need to sort it out though because otherwise we will slip further down the table never mind getting fourth.

It's not that we shied away from a quite frankly unclassy dirty Everton team last night because we got stuck in back, I just think we concentrated on that side of the game too much at times because when we did play football we were ripping them apart.

It also could have been a slightly different game last night if we didn't start with one up front again, Tevez on his own against two big strong centre backs is certainly not the way I would go. We should be playing two up top and especially at home because it changes the way the opposition think about playing if they have one more attacker to worry about.

I don't understand what Mancini is thinking with his tactics sometimes, one week he gets it spot on and then he changes it for whatever reason. Why would you change a formation that won the week before away from home to bring an out of form Ireland in as support for your striker, I don't know that's for sure.

I am really on the fence now as to what will happen as far as fourth place is concerned, I think we can do it if we want it bad enough but the question is do we want it bad enough?


  1. wow what a warped twisted view of the match.

    City had a lot more possesion but no clear cut chances.
    Everton took a half chance in the first half for Cahils goal and produced a touch of class for the second goal.

    Had to laugh at your comment that Everton were quite frankly unclassy.

    Mancicni on the other hand showed a lot of class last night didnt he

  2. "...ripped Everton apart."

    The Everton defense lost control about once each half. The most comfortable away win of the season.

  3. simple... Everton pass the ball to Everton players... City run, kick and hope. Class always shines through in the end.

  4. Mancini wanted the ball back from Moyes who was showing class by holding the play up thats all, he was frustrated.

    Everton did show no class they were just interested in kicking us for the most part. Along with Arteta diving all night.

    Anonymous said...

    "...ripped Everton apart."

    The Everton defense lost control about once each half. The most comfortable away win of the season.''

    It was only when we played your game we didn't look as good, when we played football on the floor you could not contain us. As anon further up said although we had lots of goal attempts there was no clear chances for us apart from the pen we should have had ;).

    Also you should get off your horses, like I said Everton has us figured.

  5. Thoroughly depressing...

    That sky blue shirt of inconsistency rolls on...

    But on the flipside... First home defeat of the season & a win at home to Wigan should keep us in the fight.

  6. Ever the optimist Col lol. How is that comp going?

  7. FYI it might be time to change your banner graphic.

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