Sunday, 14 March 2010

Help a fellow City fan win a comp!

Just a quick favour to ask of you, one of my followers and regular readers Col Bury is currently involved in a short story competition.

On top of being a big blue Col is a top fella and an extremely talented writer and deserves to win this competition as much as anyone else, so if you could please go to and vote it would be much appreciated guys.

After you have clicked the link and are on the page you can find the voting poll on the right hand side, be sure to vote for number 7!


1 comment:

  1. Hey, Gary.
    Thanks for this, bud.
    If any of your readers like crime/action fiction sprinkled with dark humour then they might actually enjoy reading my entry, GALLANCE. Or, indeed, the thriller novels of Matt Hilton who's running the comp.
    And BTW, GALLANCE is a big blue himself and is going to the Sunderland match this afternoon!
    God help any Mackens who cross his path!!!