Wednesday, 4 December 2013

West Brom 2 - 3 Man City - Quick summary and Goals video

The score line looks close but the game was not, West Brom were gifted two goals through poor defending towards the end of the game.

I have to start with team selection, Dzeko started the game and was involved in the first goal but contributed nothing else, Kolarov started because Clichy was absent and fair play to him tonight, he played a part in two of the goals but he really does need to work on his defending badly. Then there was the decision to play Demichelis, he was leaving big gaps down the middle and kept getting caught wrong side, he was at fault for West Brom's second and just should not have been playing as a left half ahead of Lescott.
I mentioned it in my preview to the game about Demichelis playing alongside Kompany because I knew that Pellegrini would do just that, it was clear from his performance that the manager made the wrong decision again, same goes for starting Dzeko again because he shouldn't be playing ahead of other people who deserve a chance more than he does.

Although everything about tonight's performance wasn't great as I just touched on, we did play quite well as a team, we controlled the game and West Brom were not a bother to us until the 85th minute, I don't even think they had a shot on target until Anichebe scored, we certainly didn't deserve to concede two goals anyway.

The bottom line is that we won and we won away from home, hopefully we can take some confidence from that and go on to beat Southampton before that all important Arsenal game.



  1. DZeko assisted aguero three times first half, aguero only scored one of them, should aguero not have been playing?
    Your bias is ridiculous, dzeko WAS crap second half, but if aguero had actually had his finishing boots on, the game would have been over way before the second half.

  2. Sorry only just seen this as I have been a bit unwell, I do not recall 3 attempted Dzeko assists so I have to disagree with that but if I am wrong then I am wrong.

    Also there is no bias what so ever so not sure where your getting that from, Dzeko was terrible all game and contributed nothing, I will not sugar coat things on my blog just because we won I am afraid like some City blogs.

    For you to even suggest that Aguero played anywhere near as badly as Dzeko is all that is ridiculous, if your a Dzeko fan then that's fair enough but he is poor and has been for some time.

    To finish, out of these three phantom attempted assists by Dzeko Aguero scored none, Zabaleta assisted Aguero for his goal, so next time you come on here maybe rid yourself of your jumped up attitude and accept someone's opinion and then yours is more than welcome in return, thank you for commenting.