Sunday, 1 December 2013

Man City 3 - 0 Swansea City - Goals and Highlights.

Another home game finished, another home win in the bag and another three goals, a perfect result on the face of things but there are certainly still issues that need ironing out.

We started well today, we looked sharp, organised and up for it, when Negredo scored a free kick it was easy to think that we were going to go on and score a hat full again, however we tailed off and to be fair some of that was down to Swansea.

After going one up we seemed to take our foot off the gas, our intricate through balls weren't coming off and we just couldn't take hold of the game. Swansea were also playing a smart game, they knew they didn't have much of an attack due to injuries and instead were happy to sit inside their own half and wait for us to come at them, their midfield was crowding us out and when they saw a chance to break they went for it.
The first half finished with us leading but it could of easily been the other way round, Swansea had some really good chances and if their finishing had been better they could have gone in at the break having scored a couple of goals.

The second half started almost identically to the way the first half did, we had the bit between our teeth and immediately set out to put Swansea under pressure. We weren't spectacular in the second period but we took a hold of the game a lot more than we did in the first half, don't get me wrong Swansea never looked like they were out of the game at any point but we were putting them under a lot more pressure and creating chances. Stepping it up a gear going forward ultimately proved too much for Swansea to handle and two goals from the impressive Samir Nasri were the rewards for putting in a tad more effort.

It wasn't the best performance today, the midfield was being bypassed too easily again, we were untidy and we are still sacrificing possession of the ball in favour of a direct approach far too much at times, but after feeling very frustrated with the team lately, I am quite happy with today's result.

Don't get me wrong I am never going to be happy when there are issues that need ironing out, however the most important thing today was that we won the first out of three games leading up to the Arsenal match, especially with Spurs, Utd and Liverpool dropping points.

I just really hope that Pellegrini can sort out these little problems that the team have and that we can go on and get the away game monkey off our back, if that happens and we get six points from our next two games and then beat Arsenal, I am convinced that no team will be able to get in our way and stop us from winning the title.

Goals and Highlights.

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